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This might be the weirdest thing I've ever had the pleasure of typing, but I'm afraid that science has totally debunked the crazy fan Walking Dead theory that Maggie has miscarried and the zombie fetus is eating its way out of her.

Luckily Enid was on hand to help her
Luckily Enid was on hand to help her

For those of you unfamiliar with the theory, since the events of Episode 15, "East," when Maggie fell ill, the internet has been swamped with theories about what exactly is wrong with her. Among the speculation is the weird but enduring theory that Maggie has miscarried and that the fetus turned into a zombie and is eating its way out of Maggie from the inside.

While, quite frankly, a idea of a zombie fetus is kind of intriguing, sadly it's simply not possible, at least this time around.

Back in Episode 13, "The Same Boat," Maggie and Carol were captured by Negan's Saviors Paula, Michelle, Molly, and Donnie. After tying Maggie and Carol up, Carol (in her possum act) pleads with the group not to hurt the baby. At first the group don't believe her because Maggie isn't showing, but Maggie replies that that is because she's only around two months pregnant. So what exactly does a two-month-old fetus look like? Kind of like this:

Yep, it's a little odd looking
Yep, it's a little odd looking

At two months old a fetus is around the size of a raspberry and grows at a rate of around 1 millimeter a day. They have webbed fingers and toes and their upper lip is just starting to form, as are their eyelids.

So basically, while a two-month-old fetus is definitely developing into a baby-shaped thing, it's not exactly a life form that has the ability to munch its way out of its mother. Heck, it couldn't even claw it's way out considering babies don't grow nails until around the three-month mark.

Sorry internet, your theory about Maggie's zombie fetus eating its way out of its human mother simply isn't possible, you weird little bastards.

What do you think is wrong with Maggie?

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