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The backdrop to Mad Max is an explosive, dehydrated, and barren wasteland. The dystopian universe, depicted across four movies in the franchise, is deliberately fantastical and ambiguous, with Max himself an enigmatic figure.

Who he is, or why he came to be, is unclear, yet one Reddit user has came up with a theory that could prove his identity.

Zephyrbal Believes Mad Max Is One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse!

Zephyrbal proposes that the world ended before Max could do his job, leaving him in a form of purgatory, unsure of what to do to complete his work, yet unaware of the purpose of his existence.

The theory also lays out some compelling evidence to back it up, highlighting some interesting characteristics of Max and why he could be one of the horsemen.

1. He Doesn't Age Naturally

The timeline across the four films are at odds with Max's existence (if he were human). There are telling signs of how the narrative plays out, related to the crisis that causes Earth's decay.

In the original Mad Max the oil crisis is ongoing, but in the sequel, the crisis has resulted in the end of civilization as we know it. Max is there for both events.

However, this gets interesting when we consider Fury Road, in which normal civilization is the stuff of legend and something that happened years ago. Max existed both at the end of civilization and in the dystopian future, suggesting he could be centuries old.

2. Max Always Serves A Higher Purpose

Zephyrbal reasons that no matter what situation he finds himself in, Max acts as an agent of change — generally fulfilling his role by supporting others to reach the promised land and also by continually punishing the wicked.

3. He Does Have His Very Own Metallic Version Of The Horse

Max has an uncanny ability to drive any vehicle flawlessly, to a much higher level than anyone else we see. It's almost like cars are an extension of his being. Also, despite damage, he is always able to obtain a replacement.

4. He Appears To Be Immortal

Often he ends up in situations that should kill or at least seriously injure him, but he survives without a scratch. Yeah, he could be hard as nails — or he could be a mythical creature who cannot die.

Zephyrbal ends with his summarization:

Max is a horseman in a now irrelevant apocalypse, though he is certainly not aware of that fact. He is driven to travel endlessly, unconsciously guiding the righteous toward salvation (though of a purely terrestrial kind) and punishing the wicked.
His true purpose subverted by our own self-destruction, he is doomed to wander.

Do you believe the theory that Mad Max is a horseman of the apocalypse?

Source: Reddit


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