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“A deserted island… a lost man… memories of a fatal crash… a book written by a dying explorer.”

Described by PC Gamer as brilliantly conceived, thought provoking and unique, award winning game Dear Esther might not be up everyones street, but for those who do talk a walk within this mystery-ridden game, it would seem you're in for a treat.

A ghost story told in first person, the focus of Dear Esther is to explore and uncover the secrets lying within the island you find yourself upon. What happened here? Who are you? Why are you there? The answers to these questions unfold amongst it's stunning visuals.

And the reviews speak for themselves:

Watch the official trailer for 'Dear Esther' below:

From The Chinese Room, Dear Esther was written by Dan Pinchbeck and is available now on PC, Mac and Linux, with a planned release for PS4 and Xbox One this summer.

Will you check out 'Dear Esther'?


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