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After the soaring success of The Flash crossover, Supergirl returns in Episode 19 with the threat of humanity's eradication at the hands of the villain duo Non and Indigo. With Kara pitted against her mind-controlled sister at the episode's conclusion, "Myriad" set up a thrilling and high-stakes finale. And, if the latest teasers and trailers are anything to go by, someone's not returning for Season 2. But who will be the one to die?

Prepare For Tragedy

To hype up the finale, both Kevin Smith (one of the season writers) and Greg Berlanti (executive producer) have been hinting at huge, life-changing events for Kara in S01E20.

Kara and J'onn J'onzz in episode 20.
Kara and J'onn J'onzz in episode 20.
"Something's happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way that, you think it's like cute puppies and fucking kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this fucking thing is."

With almost every life in National City on the line, Kara's got some big decisions to make. If her plan fails, the only backup is to detonate a bomb that will kill 300,00 people to save the rest of Earth. That's if she can survive the battle with Kryptonite-enhanced Alex, of course.

It's easy to assume that everything will be wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end of Supergirl Season 1, but we have to remember that Greg Berlanti is running the show. And he does like his explosive and somewhat tragic finales, if the end of The Flash Season 1 is anything to go by. Entertainment Weekly addressed this when interviewing Berlanti recently, and his response was somewhat concerning. When asked if we could expect a death in the Supergirl finale, he responded:

β€œYes, you should. Only because it would be a lot less exciting if I said no.”

So, who will die? It's difficult to choose which character is in for the chop (maybe literally) but we've narrowed it down to a few options.

Alex Danvers

Could Alex Danvers die in episode 20?
Could Alex Danvers die in episode 20?

Alex has been Kara's rock throughout Season 1, as the two sisters learned to work together and be their own kind of hero. It's probably unlikely that such a strong supporting character would die so early on, but that battle with Kara definitely looks vicious. Here's hoping Kara manages to defeat Alex in a non-lethal way.

J'onn J'onzz

J'onn J'onzz has come a long way this season.
J'onn J'onzz has come a long way this season.

If anyone's going to make a heroic sacrifice to protect Kara and Alex, it's J'onn J'onzz. He's got that promise to keep to Jeremiah Danvers, after all. Going into season 2, J'onn's death would be an interesting plot point for character development, as Alex and Kara mourn for their father-figure. And yet, with J'onn's involvement in the Cadmus plot (which surely won't be resolved this early on), it seems likely he'll appear later on in the show.


Superman in the 'Supergirl' opener.
Superman in the 'Supergirl' opener.

Each episode opener reminds us that Superman exists in Supergirl's reality, but he's a hero of the hinterland, never appearing in the show itself. Until Episode 19 of course. We caught a glimpse of Superman flying to Kara's aid, but he fell under the influence of Myriad's mind control (because his mind is just too human, apparently).

With Kara reportedly fighting an "unexpected foe" in the finale, it's possible that she might find herself the only descendent of House of El by the end of Season 1. Of course, that foe could be another kind of Superman...

Jeremiah Danvers / Cyborg Superman

Jeremiah Danvers in 'Manhunter'.
Jeremiah Danvers in 'Manhunter'.

This one's definitely in the speculation ballpark, but with Jeremiah's connection to Cadmus teased for a few episodes now, it's entirely possible that that "unexpected foe" might just be the Danvers patriarch, back from the dead and distinctly less heroic than the first time around. And of course, there's the possibility that the Cadmus lab has transformed him into Cyborg Superman.

This would make for a nice bait-and-switch, considering Hank Henshaw is the cyborg villain in the original comics. It would be a twist, for sure, but keep your eye out because Berlanti's usually got a few tricks up his sleeve for season finales.

Alex, J'onn, Superman, Jeremiah, or someone else: who do you think will die in the finale?

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