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It seems that Justin Bieber just can't help but raise eyebrows on the daily, whether it's because he's bizarrely deciding to transform his locks into what appears to be a filthy floor mop, or because he's posting awkward throwback photos of him passionately smooching ex Selena Gomez. This time though, something else has caught the media's attention.

Last week, the Biebster was out partying at a Houston club in Texas when he decided it would be a wonderful idea to ash a lit cigarette on support act Post Malone's exposed arm while he was performing. And if this entire scenario weren't weird enough, things then went on to get even more freaky when Post grabbed Justin, like so:

Yep, that is in fact Biebtown in what appears to be an aggressive choke hold. Whaaa!?

Naturally, the circulation of the image ensured that shit really hit the fan on social media, prompting Post Malone (a.k.a. G-Unit Posty) to calm everyone down by revealing that this case of mild strangulation was merely the two "brothers" playing a bit of "rough house." Denying any beef between him and the Canadian heartthrob, Post claimed that we were all crazy for thinking they had it in for one another:

As for Bieber? Well, since the fiasco, Biebz has also hit up social media to address the incident. In his attempt to transform a potentially embarrassing situation into a bit of a joke, he posted this "playful" pic of him pretending to grab Post Malone around the neck too — the caption reads "Backstreets back":

Well, isn't that lovely!

Justin Bieber vs. Post Malone: Who would win?



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