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The odds are, lurking around out there somewhere, there is somebody who looks virtually identical to you. Or, perhaps, years ago there was someone wondering this earth who had your face. Well, their face. They were here first.

To prove this theory (which I made up, seconds ago) a remarkable photograph appears to depict Matthew McConaughey in a new, historical role. But the image, which has taken Reddit by storm, isn't the 46-year-old Oscar winner. Oh no!

Look Below. I Guarantee It'll Leave You Dazed And Confused:

This ISN'T McConaughey (Credit: EmberRainbow)
This ISN'T McConaughey (Credit: EmberRainbow)

From the facial structure, to the shape of his head, nose, eyes, mouth — yeah basically everything looks the same. How creepy! It was added by EmberRainbow with the caption "My Great Great Grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey."

Holy SHIT! In all fairness, some of these doppelgänger posts that surface on the internet are, well, a bit crap. But this is genuinely impressive.

Does your great grandfather look like a famous celebrity?

Source: Reddit


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