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Slipping out of the category of 'threequels' that we never thought would happen, it finally looks as if we could be taking another 'bogus journey' down nostalgia lane with a third instalment of the Bill & Ted franchise. Alex Winter (Bill) has offered us an update on the long-mooted sequel, saying that it could start filming as soon as this year...and YES, it will star Keanu Reeves!

Whilst promoting his documentary, Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa (Save the Vault, Tell the Story), Winter told Forbes:

It’s looking good. This is Hollywood so I don’t believe it’s happening until it’s coming out on VOD but we’re all working on the film everyday at the moment in terms of the pre-prep type work so it’s an active project. Hopefully we’ll be shooting it shortly.

When quizzed whether it could be this year or next, Winter told us hopefully the former. However, does his mention of VOD point towards Netflix/Amazon for the third outing of Bill & Ted? The latest Pee-Wee Herman film, Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, was met with pretty big success following its Netflix release, so it could make sense.

Whilst arguably Reeves has gone on to have bigger success than Winter, neither have forgotten what B&T means to them, still holding a place in both their hearts. After 25 years it must have taken something pretty special to reunite the pair, Winter went on to assure us:

We’ve been working on it for, like, six years. We’re knee deep in the script, it’s been written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon who wrote the first two, they are fantastic writers, and the script is great. We have a script, we have a director, we have a studio – we’re just trying to nail down a start date.

The Californian rockers dominated the time travelling fever of the early 90s with two films- Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991), an animated TV series in 1990, a live version in 1992, their own action figures and even Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal. We think it is high time the duo got back in their phone booth and had some 'totally awesome' time travel adventures. The first film focussed on Bill and Ted attempting to pass their history exam through time travel, thus securing their future as dystopian rock legends. Two years later, the sequel saw the pair killed by two robot doppelgangers and take on death through a series of games to escape the afterlife. Where the third film goes is anyone's guess, but we can probably expect crop-tops, shaggy hair and some 'bodacious' babes.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will reprise their roles as Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq, but sadly the passing of comedy legend George Carlin means that the part of Rufus will be written out or recast. Quite who Bill and Ted will be time travelling with next remains to be seen, but could we have the ultimate crossover with Back to the future's Dr. Emmett Brown coming on board? He certainly has a DeLorean handy, so fire up the amps an cue the air guitars...

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