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In September of this year, it'll have been almost three years since Rockstar released a new game. Grand Theft Auto V has arrived on the XBOX One and PS4 in the form of a remaster since then, and let's not forget about the title's heralded arrival on PC in April 2015. However, this is all that Rockstar has focused their attention on.

We've seen a potential leak for Red Dead Redemption 2, but the release date that accompanied this information stated that the highly anticipated sequel won't arrive until late 2017. Naturally, fans are anxious to know what Rockstar North has in store for them. This has lead to numerous discussions around the idea of GTA 6 and the most discussed topic for the game centers around its location.

'GTA 6': 7 Locations For The Next 'Grand Theft Auto'

'Grand Theft Auto 6'
'Grand Theft Auto 6'


Everything else on this list would see Grand Theft Auto 6 take place outside of the USA. However, there was one particular city in America that saw numerous fans vote for its return: Miami.

Located at Florida's southeastern tip, this vibrant city has been the focus of what some consider to be the best GTA title to date, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. With its exciting Cuban influence, beautiful beaches, exuberant culture, and great weather, Miami seems like the perfect place for the next GTA. Rockstar has returned to locations in the past and we seriously hope they consider revisiting this one!


Speaking of revisiting old places, another location that fans requested was actually the setting for Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969, released in 1999. Over the years numerous fans have called for a return to the capital of England, highlighting the fact that its culture, gangs, and change of scenery would be a welcome break from that of America's.

Would you vote to see London return?

Fan interpretation of a modern GTA: London
Fan interpretation of a modern GTA: London

Hong Kong

Known for its western influences and chaotic lifestyle, this city located in southern-eastern China has famous ports and an enormous global financial center with a tower-studded skyline.

Hong Kong has recently been the setting for what I consider to be a fantastic open world game: Sleeping Dogs. It was a breath of fresh air to roam around a map teeming with a foreign, unknown culture and visually striking aesthetics — I actually had to get used to driving on the left! We'd love to see GTA 6 move to the city of Hong Kong.


A city unlike any other. With over 13 million people, the Japanese capital is a city that teems with life, bright lights, and culture. It'd be fascinating to see how the story would see us interact with Japan's criminal organization, the Yakuza — a core aspect of Japanese society. With Mt. Fuji in the distance, the madness of Akihabara, and shrines and temples galore, this would be a breathtaking city to tear through.

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs

Sao Paulo

Among the world's most populous cities, Sao Paulo is home to over 11 million inhabitants. Brazilian culture is often depicted as vibrant and full of life, and this would be one hell of a city to move around. With high levels of crime, tons of gangs, music, cars, beaches, and stunning weather and countryside, Sao Paulo would be a welcome change for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


A little bit more relaxed than Sao Paulo, the capital of France would be a land brimming with culture. We'd be surrounded by stunning architecture, see Rockstar take the piss out of the French, and enjoy driving past some of the world's most famous monuments. Imagine breaking into the Louvre, or base jumping from the Eiffel Tower!


Mexico City

Last but not least, we have Mexico City. I feel that anywhere with a predominantly Latin population would be a joyous change for Grand Theft Auto. Mexico is famous for its nightlife and exciting lifestyle. We'd find ourselves in a highly populated city filled with culture, impressive buildings, and gangs. Perhaps the drug cartels could be involved in the narrative for GTA 6?

Let us know where you want 'GTA 6' to take place in!


Which of these cities would you pick?


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