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One of the most interesting characters in the upcoming film [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is, without a doubt, Vision. This seemingly omnipotent android first debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron and is deemed "all good" — so good that even Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, trusts him.

During a recently released clip from Civil War, many fans were caught off guard when they noticed that Vision was wearing a rather peculiar outfit. Instead of just looking the way Vision usually looks (green and purple outfit and cape with no outer clothing), Vision is wearing a rather fancy looking outfit. See for yourself in the clip below:

Having seen the movie, I can tell you that this is not the only scene in which Vision dresses this way. Though he does not wear it in battle, a white collared shirt and a black sweater become a common part of his wardrobe.

This off-putting wardrobe does fit within the story of the film, however. Vision, like every other character in the movie, undergoes his own story as the movie goes forward. Vision's story is about adapting to the human world, as he is new to the world and wants to understand the culture.

In a recent press conference, Vision's actor Paul Bettany shed light on the changes Vision undergoes:

" find Vision in 'Age of Ultron,' just born and omnipotent, yet naive. And then, in this movie, you find him trying to figure out what humanity is and how you have loyalty because logic doesn't afford loyalty. So I think it's really interesting working out what love is, and there's this woman [Scarlet Witch] who has a similar problem that he's facing, which is he doesn't know the limits of his power, nor does she."

As Bettany said, Vision does struggle adapting to the human world. He makes changes to himself in order to try to adapt to our culture. He may be immensely smart, but Vision does not know everything there is to know.

Vision struggles to adapt to our world, yet he still tries. Him wearing the fancy outfit from the clip above is one example of how he tries to adapt. In his year on Earth, he's realized that no one else dresses the way he does — even Thor would wear a fancy outfit on Earth when he wasn't fighting battles. Because of this realization, Vision felt self conscious and tried to make himself more human by wearing clothing.

Bettany also brought up the relationship between himself and Scarlet Witch, which does get some focus in the movie. It is not as much a romance, like in the comics, as it is mutual confusion. Both Vision and Scarlet Witch struggle to not only adapt to their abilities, but to adapt to the rest of the world as well.

This mutual separation from the real world connects them, leading them to seek each other out when they are struggling. I cannot go into too much detail without revealing any spoilers, but there is a lot of development between these two characters. It gets even more interesting when you realize that these two are on opposing sides of the War.

All in all, Vision's internal conflict is really an interesting thing to watch in the movie. His character is unlike any other character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it is a rather new concept. It is interesting, and even fun at times, to watch Vision adapt to human life and to see him change as a character in response to different events from the movie, and during his interactions with Scarlet Witch. The sub-stories like Vision's are truly what make Captain America: Civil War such a fantastic movie.

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