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There isn't a soul on earth who dislikes Vin Diesel - I mean, just look at that face, how could you? Even if you're not a fan of his films, his loveable face can melt even the frostiest of hearts.

And not only is Vin a warm souled human, he's also got a belting singing voice on him. Don't believe me? Listen to the 6 crackin' covers below:

1. 'Stay' by Rihanna

How could we ever leave you?

2. 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith

I think he really wants us to stay, guys.

3. 'My Heart Is Open' by Maroon 5 ft. Gwen Stefani

You hit those high notes, Vin!

4. 'See You Again' by Whiz Khalifa

Shedding a tear for his sweet angel brother, Paul Walker

5. 'Oh Happy Day' by The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Giving Whoopi Goldberg a run for her money!

6. 'Habits (Stay High)' By Tove Lo

You stay high.

What song would you love Vin Diesel to sing?


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