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Varia Fedko-Blake

Over the past few years, Chris Pratt has reinvented himself as one of the hottest actors working in the industry right now. So, in celebration of this very fact, check out the following eight times he made us swoon in one fell swoop:

1. When he was a true hero and stole his 'GotG' costume so Star Lord could visit sick kids in hospital

2. When he went six months with no beer and this phenomenal thing happened

3. When he posed for GQ in chunky knits and everyone drooled a little bit

4. When he posed with his pug and made us all die a little bit on the inside

5. When this raccoon climbed all over his gorgeous face and we wished we could do the same

6. When he was cheeky AF and we loved him even more for it

7. When he sat on this bike like a boss

8. When he smoldered at every single red carpet event and all became great with the world

What is your favorite Chris Pratt role?


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