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Mila Kunis was only 14 when she first kissed her co-star Ashton Kutcher on camera. The pair were so good together on screen our collective hearts completely melted when they announced they'd married last July.

It wasn't long before they welcomed a little bundle of joy, Wyatt Isabelle, into the world, and we all swooned a little more.

They're not usually ones to flaunt their personal lives, so in case you needed a little reminder, here are the top seven Jackie and Kelso moments from That '70s Show to help you remember why we keep Mila and Ashton at the top of the Ship List.

7. When Love Hurt

6. When Jackie Got To Keep Her Stuffed Animals In The Van

5. When Jackie Couldn't Stand The Thought Of Anyone Else Having Kelso's 'Special Men'

4. When Michael Got All Glammed Up Like Bowie

3. When Kelso Missed Her So Much

2. When They Won The Newlywed Game

1. When Kelso Chose Jackie

Bonus: When They Did This Promo For In The Crease

Another Bonus: When Mila Couldn't Stop Blushing On Ellen

What's your favorite Jackie and Kelso moment ever?


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