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Think of a superhero movie right now. It was a Marvel movie, wasn't it? Okay, I did say 'let's talk Marvel' in the title, but you probably would've selected a Marvel title anyway. The upcoming months are going to be a barrage of excitement from Marvel; including one hero who isn't even a common name.

If you're reading this, and don't live under a rock, you're probably aware that Captain America: Civil War is coming out in just a matter of weeks. Despite being a Captain America movie, the ensemble is certainly filled with an Avengers cast. This movie is great for both comic enthusiasts and movie fans because there are so many recognizable, household superhero names (Spider-Man, anyone?). It's easy to imagine this being successful because of the popularity of these characters, but where does that leave Marvel's next endeavor, Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is Marvel's next standalone movie in its massive cinematic universe. If this sounds as strange to you as the name implies, you're in good company. Marvel has been slowing introducing some of its less prominent heroes through the likes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and now Doctor Strange.

Doing this is the key to keeping the genre from feeling stale and burning itself out. It's a great thing that most people haven't heard Dr Steven Strange's story. It will feel new and it'll draw in far more people than an Iron Man 7: Summer Blockbuster.

It's cool that we're moving to this new, mystical realm with Doctor Strange. This film will give the type of movies that Marvel loves to make a revitalization that will carry forward through the next phase of the MCU. Marvel is actively avoiding the same tactics it's used in previous movies, choosing to break new ground instead. This is why we'll love Doctor Strange. It's why we'll be stoked to see Black Panther.

Doctor Strange is a departure from what we're used to, because it's not ______ is a normal guy who has ________ happen to him. It's taking the qualities that make Marvel characters relatable, and mixing it with the mysticism that is inherent for Doctor Strange.

Based on the trailer that was released Tuesday night, Doctor Strange looks like it's going to be Marvel's Inception. Things are going to get weird, and that's cool. In fact, the timing is perfect, with most of the Avengers quarreling about Earthbound affairs, it might be time for a character to remind them that there's a whole galaxy out there.

Watch the above teaser and see for yourself. I think we're in for quite a ride with Marvel for the foreseeable future.


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