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I'm sure you've seen it - if not its right there just click play and open yourself to the magical side of Marvel. You won't be disappointed.

Remember when Thor came out and most casual fans couldn't give less of a shit? Now Thor is a weight-bearing column propping up the MCU and Chris Hemsworth is one of the biggest stars on the planet. That's how most casuals will feel about Doctor Strange on the outset. Doctor Who? (Sorry.) Soon enough Doctor Strange will be a pillar of the Marvel multi-verse.

In a departure from the Thor model, Marvel opted to get a nerd-superstar in Benedict Cumberbatch to take on the magical mantle of Strange. Well played. He appears to embody the role perfectly. He has the range to play what is in essence three roles: pre-accident Strange, a brilliant dickhead neurosurgeon - post-accident Strange, a man on the hunt to heal himself & a post-enlightened Strange the Sorcerer Supreme.

From the look of this trailer Strange may not attain the title of Sorcerer Supreme by film's end, however. Tilda Swinton (a blank slate in the form of a human female) will play that role as the Ancient One (seen punching Strange's metaphysical form out of his body) the teacher of Strange and others namely Baron Mordo (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) who also makes an appearance briefly in the teaser. His role is purposefully ambiguous in nature but I contend that Mordo will serve as the Ancient One's apprentice, next inline for the title of Sorcerer Supreme. This film should set up the rivalry between Strange and Mordo, casting Mordo as the villain in a potential sequel. For the first film, though, it appears that Mordo and Strange will serve as reluctant allies under the tutalige of the Ancient One in order to defeat the reality warping character played by Mads Mikkelson. Whoever he may be.

There's speculation that Mads is playing Dormammu, Nightmare and a slew of other characters but it remains unconfirmed. My take is he is a high level disciple of Dormammu that is trying to envoke the evil God back to the human realm. Blowing the Dormammu wad in the first film is something DC would do, not Marvel.

My takeaway from this teaser is Doctor Strange will no doubt be a household name by Christmas. The visuals look incredible, the actors are superb and the story of Doctor Strange is layered with a fun complexity that will shine onscreen. I haven't been more excited for a Marvel film since the original Avengers. Doctor Strange may also reveal another Infinity Stone into the MCU (Eye of Agamotto, anyone) so it will continue to propel Marvel's unfolding Universe toward Infinity War. I'm excited. What say you?

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