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The year is marching on, Gilmore fans, and the big day is coming ever closer. Soon we‘ll see the return of the Girls to our screens and at last a void in our soul will be mended once again.

I have already put forward some predictions about the series based on little more than which actors will be involved and what we already know about their characters and their relationships, not to mention some small fan theories that I may have concocted for the occasion.

However, some on-set photos have been recently released and with them we can make a rather more informed guess about the status of some of our most beloved places and residents of Stars Hollow.

Lorelei’s Relationship:


Look at that, folks. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it’s a big damn relief that Lorelei and Luke are still together after all of this time. The whole back-and-forth thing they did during the original run was a bit frustrating at times but this stability is very, very, good.

Also, I think this photo proves that Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson must both be vampires. They both look exactly as good as they did when the series ended over eight years ago and only supernatural forces can be the reason for it. The photo was taken at night, too. Coincidence?

The Gilmore House:

This is unmistakably the kitchen that the Gilmore Girls used to store many a night’s Chinese food over the years, so clearly Lorelei never up and sold after Rory left home.

But what about Luke?

It’s probably safe to assume that L & L are living together full-time now and that the apartment above the diner is just an office, store room, or man cave (or all three) nowadays.

Judging by the state of the counter-tops and the two boxes on the table, not a lot has changed at all. Isn’t it wonderful?

Rory’s Profession(?):

So this is Rory stood in a classroom, probably even at the same high school she used to go to if the uniforms are anything to go by.

But what is she doing there?

I don’t know about you but this almost looks like she might be teaching this class. Does this mean that our Rory has returned to Stars Hollow to nurture young minds and develop the next generation of insanely-smart overachievers?

She could be just a guest speaker, a noted alumnus returning to share the story of her success, but let’s run away with the whole teacher thing for a second. The blackboard has the title “Motif’s of Jane Eyre” which would make Rory an English teacher, and which would be the perfect subject for her considering, you know, her great love of reading and writing about things.

Only time will reveal whether that is true or not. Onwards!

Emily Gilmore:

Looks like vampirism runs in the family. Kelly Bishop perhaps even looks younger than she did during the original run; I don’t know how she does it.

Anyway, it seems that poor Emily is all alone in her big house after the sad passing of Richard a few years ago so it would make her very happy to have Friday Night Dinners reinstated and see her daughter and granddaughter on a regular basis. There’s no telling what she’s doing with her time but, knowing Emily, she’d want to keep herself busy and is probably queen of every social circle in the state of Connecticut by now.

So has she softened up to Luke? Maybe, considering it looks like he’s managed to stick around the longest out of all of Lorelei’s suitors. Hopefully she’s gotten to know how much of a nice guy he is, and the fact he loves her daughter has to count for something.

Town Events:

Lorelei's wearing a big shady hat! Vampire!
Lorelei's wearing a big shady hat! Vampire!

So “Star’s Hollow the Musical”, eh?

Has the town become that famous in the past eight years (I mean in-universe, silly) that it merits its own memorial in the form of song and dance? Or is it just another of Miss Patty’s fabulously eccentric productions?

Probably the latter, but there’s also something a bit tongue-in-cheek about the concept if you ask me. In a mini-series that is designed to tie up all of the loose ends of the Gilmore Girls original run, the presence of an in-universe show that will celebrate most of the characters and places (and probably events, too) that we all remember is a bit obvious.

I bet it will come at the very end of the series and be absolutely amazing. There may even be tears.

Miss Patty's & Town Meetings:

Ah, the Stars Hollow town meetings. How everyone cooperated in perfect harmony under the loving guidance of Taylor Doose’s iron fist. Ok, I suppose we remember them a little bit differently, but it looks like little has changed in the most important democratic forum for the town.

Miss Patty’s looks lovely as ever, clearly decorated in preparation for Christmas, and the sea of faces is a familiar sight.

From the angle of the photo there is no way of telling who is heading this particular meeting but judging by the apprehensive expressions of the townsfolk (and the fact that Michael Winters signed on to reprise the role) we can be sure that it is Taylor up at the front proposing yet another pedantic rule. Or maybe it’s even Miss Patty herself enthusiastically revealing her plans for the musical? Either one would probably achieve the same reaction to be honest.

So that’s that, I suppose. One thing’s bugging me, however: where are the photos of the boys? You know the ones, don’t pretend you don’t. We need to know more information about the terrible trio of heart-throbs that will find their way back into Rory’s life, and they’re conspicuously absent from the reveal thus far.

Perhaps the photos they have will reveal too much about the plot, or perhaps the showrunners are being incredible teases and want to wait until closer to the premier to get us really excited about the show.

Really excited.
Really excited.

Unfortunately, considering production doesn’t actually wrap until next month, that date won’t be until autumn at the very least. I don’t know about you, but I really can’t wait that long.

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