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Fallout 4's DLC has made many promises. But I don't think this was something that Bethesda had intended.

With the release of Wasteland Workshop, the second DLC pack for Fallout 4, which arrived in early April, players have been taking matters into their own hands with one particular character. Who is this person? Why, only the most hated figure in all of Fallout 4! If you've played the game, you're probably familiar with this grimace.

Was it something I said?
Was it something I said?

YIKES! This, folks, is Marcy long. Marcy is first met taking refuge in the Museum of Freedom, Concord, in the company of Preston Garvey and what is left of his crew. We don't know too much about her, but what we are familiar with is the vehement hatred that players harbor for her. But Fallout 4's latest DLC pack has allowed players to show her how they truly feel.

Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop DLC Can Help You Kill Marcy

Fallout 4's latest DLC pack allows players to A) capture monsters and B) build arenas, along with other settlement constructions. In these arenas, you can stage fights between anyone and anything you can imagine. Above, you can see how this works out for Marcy as she's dropped into a cage of Ghouls. She doesn't make it out.

But people aren't only killing her! Some are simply letting her know what they think of her by building a nice home in her honor.

Others simply force her to engage in hand-to-hand combat with dear friends. For instance, you can see her take on Preston (another character I'd like to drop into a Deathclaw arena) in the video below. She lands some pretty decent shots too!

You tried, Marcy. But with all of this hatred mounted towards you, it can be hard to get by in the wasteland. Does she deserve it? Maybe...

Who would you throw into a Deathclaw arena in Fallout 4?

Good luck!
Good luck!

Source - Kotaku


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