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We've seen Black Panther, we've seen Spider-Man and we've even see Martin Freeman's character Everett Ross, but there is one new character in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) who the public has not seen yet - even though he is mentioned on every poster.

Actor Daniel Brühl plays the villain Zemo during Captain America: Civil War. His name has appeared on all the posters, yet there has not been any other marketing for the character - he hasn't even appeared in the trailers! But trust me, there's a method to this madness.

During the movie itself, Zemo appears as a very mysterious character. Everything he does is shrouded in mystery and spawns a lot of questions, which are answered much later on. Marvel has avoided using Zemo in any of their marketing so as to keep the mystery of the character, making him a pleasant addition to the film.

Without going into too much detail so as not to spoil the movie, I will tell you that Zemo is a rather dark character. He is unlike Baron Zemo in the comics and only follows his own, mysterious agenda. Though you may think you know a lot going into the movie, you don't. Zemo is the wild card of Civil War, adding a completely new aspect to the plot of the movie. And no, he does not wear the purple costume in the movie.

Zemo is a much different type of villain for most Marvel movies, seeing as the movie is already monstrously different. Do not go into Civil War expecting Zemo to appear often as the primary antagonist, because that won't happen.

The main focus of the movie is on the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man. Because of this, Zemo does not get too much of the attention. Zemo just does his own thing as the movie progresses.

Many expected that Zemo would be the equivilant of Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this just is not so. Unlike Batman v Superman, Civil War gives all of the focus to the heroes, which really drives the movie forward.

Zemo may not have the largest role in the film, but, like Spider-Man, what we do get from him is gold. Everything he does is mysterious and really helps to build up to later events in the story.

Zemo is not "another wasted villain," as some critics are saying. Rather, he is a different villain. He is not the primary antagonist, which is a new concept for superhero films. The idea of a hero being the antagonist is a brand new idea, and it may be hard for some critics to wrap their heads around it.

Regardless of what some people are saying, I assure you that Zemo's story is one of the best parts of Civil War. It is entertaining to watch the mystery become unfolded, and it adds a new, darker element to the movie, contrasting with some of the other characters.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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