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DC fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for Suicide Squad to hit theaters in August, but some still missed some cool little details in the new 'Blitz' trailer that came out a couple days ago, so good ol' Brendan is here to shine some light and explain a couple things you guys have missed!

1. Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Now, many people have been focusing on Jared Leto's Joker or Will Smith's Deadshot (I think he'd be awesome for the role, just saying :p), but most people looked over some miscellaneous bystanders that assist the Suicide Squad in the trailers. What you may NOT have seen was Dick Grayson, being played by Scott Eastwood. Who's Dick Grayson you ask? Well...he is thee Nightwing!

In an interview with Eastwood by, he said that "the film's director and creator David Ayer has a lot up his sleeves." Eastwood said that Ayer "is doing something the world will be really surprised about."

This ISN'T set in stone but there's LOTS of speculation about it and about his part to play. As most people know, Batman himself made an appearance in the trailers for Suicide Squad, some people have even rumored that Dick has gone undercover for the Batman and spy on the Suicide Squad and see what their intentions are. As I said, it's not set in stone, but look what happened with Spider Man? Fingers crossed!

2. Mystery Subway Creature

There has been TONS of rumors on who our mystery..alien...looking machine-type person is during the Subway scene and some think its the guy who make it tattoos a reality, but I think its something different entirely, I believe its Brainiac!

Yes, Brainiac- the extraterrestrial android who's always enforcing the alien stereotype of trying to take over (and destroy) Earth! In the comics, Brainiac can usually be seen battling against the Justice League, and doesn't really interact with the Suicide Squad much. This time tho, Joker may be working WITH him to try to stop the Suicide Squad AND then possibly Batman. Again, this is just a speculation and MY thought on the subject, but it might just work and also looks at the resemblance!

I don't know, may just be me. But the Suicide Squad will have their hands full dealing with him even if it IS him. Is that the fourteenth time Earth has been attacked by outer-space villains? I lost count.

3. Soultaker

Okay, I'll admit, most of you probably didn't miss the famous blade known as Soultaker, but for all you semi-DC fans, I'm here to shine light! The famous katana that Katana wields is known as Soultaker, a deadly weapon that well... takes the souls of those killed by the sword. The wielder of the sword may also call forth the entities of the sword to manifest on the blade and speak to the current wielder, giving as much help as they possibly can. When a certain ritual of magic is preformed than the wielder can also physically manifest these souls and temporarily command them to do her/his bidding.

4. Mysterious Enemies

Everyone is wondering, what are the weird soldiers that attack the Suicide Squad? And you know what? I was thinking the same thing! What in the HECK are these guys?! They look like freaky, out of this world creatures! That's why I came up with two theories, with both may be wrong but we will see.

Now since they look like they have 30 million eyes on their heads, they're not human. So leaves to believe two different things are happening.

  • 1: These super-soldiers came with or were SPAWNED by Brainiac. Yes, we don't even know if its Brainiac for sure just yet but its still a theory. These soldiers could be more out of this world monsters trying to lay havoc on our favourite DC "villain/hero" crew.

2. They COULD be there, because Soultaker was stolen... Think about it. Soultaker enables the wielder to spawn the souls within the blade into physical manifestations and the blade wielder can command them to do their bidding! So what if Katana was kidnapped or ambushed, stripped of Soultaker and maybe JOKER has it now and is trying to create an army? Possibly.

Well, those are just some of the Easter eggs I managed to find, if you have any more for me, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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