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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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"You're in the great game now... and the great game is terrifying."

So says Tyrion Lannister in the decidedly epic trailer for Game of Thrones season 6, which seems poised to bring a lot of loose strands together as the battle for the Iron Throne becomes more vicious and more delicate than ever. Will this season deliver another Red Wedding or Walk of Shame? Will Reek take back his real name? And will something (literally anything) good finally happen to the House Stark?

Let's take a look at six of the biggest questions season 6 needs to answer.

What's the deal with Sansa?

Snow may have been falling for a long time in the North, but was there enough to cushion Sansa's epic leap from the Winterfell walls with Theon? Well, clearly - we've seen her on the run from Ramsey in the forests of the North. Technically, her legs should be broken, but we'll let that slide because Sansa is far too badass to do a Bran and spend the rest of her life being wheeled around.

New allies in the North

A closer look at two apparently separate shots in the new trailer reveals that Ser Davos appears to be in league with the eldest Stark daughter...

You probably recall that Lyanna Mormont pledged her support to the King of the North back when Stannis Baratheon (RIP) was assembling his army. In the absence of a Stark King, it's not beyond the realm of probability that the young Lyanna may be tempted by a Stark Queen, and having Ser Davos on her side has got to be a major strategic coup for Sansa.

Will this union of noble houses be enough to give men of the House Bolton the fate they deserve?

Who will be the target of Cersei's revenge?

Cersei's walk of shame was all about atonement, a deserved culmination of all her sins, but the expression on her face as Qyburn greeted her inside the castle implied that the humiliation enacted by the High Sparrow was not about to be forgotten - and the gift of The Mountain gave Cersei the perfect tool to get her revenge.

That's complicated, though, by Jaime's return to King's Landing with the corpse of Myrcella, leaving Cersei with a conundrum: does she avenge Ellaria Sand, across the water in Dorne, or aim her vengeance at the Sparrows? And, speaking of the wronged women of King's Landing...

What the hell happened to Margaery?

Last seen about half-way through season 5, Margaery Tyrell has been languishing in a cell in King's Landing for a while now, having perjured herself during Ser Loras' trial. When we watch up with her in season 6, she should look pretty gross, but this being Natalie Dormer she'll probably look suspiciously radiant.

Dormer has already teased that Margaery will use ingenuity to get out of her predicament, but will she manipulate King Tommen or find another avenue out of imprisonment - and what will Lady Olenna do to get her favourite grandchild back to safety at the King's side? Bonus question: Is being at the King's side even any guarantee of safety in a city overrun by religious fanatics?

Will Ser Walder Frey get his comeuppance?

Ever since he did the unthinkable by inviting the noblemen of the House Stark into his home and slaughtering them under his roof, Ser Walder Frey has been living on borrowed time, although this disgusting and truly black-hearted old man does seem borderline invincible at this point.

With Brienne and Pod in Riverrun, though, and Sansa allied with Ser Davos, are Walder Frey's days numbered - and to what is he toasting?

Is this Bran's big moment?

Bran Stark was totally off the grid in season 5, having been last seen entering a cave in the season 4 finale right after Jojen Reed's life was claimed by a wight. It seems this season will be the moment that Bran's journey begins to feed into the rest of the show in a big way - particularly if the Three-Eyed Raven allows him a glimpse into what was said between Ned Stark and his sister Lyanna in the Tower of Joy, as has been rumoured for a while.

Then again, the Night's King may have other plans for him... season 6 begins Sunday, April 24 on HBO, as if you didn't know already.

Who will be lucky enough to survive another season of Game of Thrones?


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