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So it's official, Sony announced at the 2016 Cinema Con that there will be a crossover movie between "21 Jump Street" and "Men in Black."

Yeah, I'm not sure how they're planning to do this either.

This was first rumored back during the Sony hacks when email leaks hinted towards the idea of the crossover, but people, specifically me, doubted that this would ever happen. I will admit that I am no movie God, I do love them, but I can be wrong when guessing the outcome of movie-related material. So it comes as no surprise that Sony is going ahead with their insane crossover.

Yeah, I'm still not sure how they're planning to do this.

Sony officially announced a title and logo for the movie, the official title was announced as "MIB 23." Which will only confused people a hundred years from now when they're looking for "MIB" 4-22. But I guess the title just plays into the...

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