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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

[The Walking Dead](tag:201193) truly broke the mold for other comic book television adaptations and made them some of the most sought-after shows in this day and age. AMC has played a huge part in bringing successful, independent comic books to our TV screens, so the highly anticipated [Preacher](tag:1082910) should be no exception. Preacher tells the story of a preacher named Jesse Custer who is possessed by a half angel/half demon named Genesis. He embarks on an incredible journey to find God himself with his best pals: Tulip, and the fan favorite, Cassidy. The comics were known for their extremely dark tones and sinister and gruesome gore, so many thought it would be almost impossible to bring this to network television; they were wrong.

Trust me when I say you will be excited for Preacher. It has a great blend of darkness, humor, and just a real unique style. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are the two brains behind it, and they have done an absolutely tremendous job!

Of course, any great show has to bring along with it an amazing cast. We have Dominic Cooper playing Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip, and the person I believe will be everyone's favorite, Joe Gilgun as Cassidy. Cassidy is a character that will put this show over the top and that's mainly due to Gilgun's fantastic performance. Let's dig a bit deeper and see why Joe Gilgun will make Preacher one of the best shows on television!

1. He Is PERFECT For The Character Of Cassidy

I got the pleasure of meeting Joe Gilgun face to face, and boy what an experience that was. He has such a crude sense of humor and a real unique personality, but he is as lovable as they come. Having read the complete run of the Preacher comic books, it is safe to say that he is the perfect person to bring Cassidy to life. He has such a bravado about him that carries right over to Cassidy and I feel as if he and the character are becoming one. Granted, he's surely not as selfish Cassidy is at times, but Gilgun really portrays the flashes of nobility that Cassidy exhibits throughout the comics — absolutely perfect!

2. He Really Cares About This Role

Every actor should care about the role that they are playing. If they don't care, we get questionable performances that simply fall flat. Joe Gilgun definitely cares about his character and his entire attitude can be summed up by one quote that explains how nervous he was to nail the character every time he's on set:

If you care about your job, and you want to do a good job, if you're not there s**tting yourself, just throw in the towel. It's everything to me, its everything to all three of us [Dominic and Ruth].

I could really tell that Joe Gilgun was genuinely grateful to be in the position that he is in and I think it will give him the edge to be great. You can definitely see his level of dedication to the character and it gives the viewer a much more authentic feel. Gilgun will continue to stay dedicated and put Preacher on top for as long as it is on.

3. He Can Be The 'Preacher' Version Of Daryl Dixon

AMC already has one of the most beloved characters in all of television in Norman Reedus's Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Joe Gilgun's Cassidy could be very similar in terms of the amount of love the fans will have for this character. He is more than a bit of a rebel, and everyone loves a rebel! Similar to Daryl, he is different than everyone else around him and nobody embodies the outsider role more than Cassidy. He will be a fan favorite character that they can market the show around.

4. His Character Is REALLY Badass

What's better than a basically invincible Irish vampire? I can't of think of a more badass combination! From the start, you understand how awesome he will be, and by what we see in the trailer, his fight scenes will be incredibly entertaining. Not only is the way he fights creatively bloody, the humor he shows while he fights is hilarious. This is definitely a show that will make you question your morals and Cassidy's badass bravado definitely adds to that.

5. Joe Gilgun Is An Amazing Actor

Joe Gilgun is an absolutely fantastic actor, but has yet to gain mainstream attention in North America. My personal favorite role — and his most highly regarded — has to be his performance in the British TV series Misfits. His character, Rudy Wade, earned him multiple awards, including Breakout Star at the SFX Awards. At only 32 years of age with limited film and television credits under his belt, he is pretty darn good and has already shown tremendous range as an actor. The character of Cassidy really requires one to dig deep and put on a show and Joe Gilgun is fully capable of doing that — and doing it well!

Joe Gilgun Is Going To Make 'Preacher' So Awesome!

I have been excited for Preacher for quite some time and as soon as I saw Joe Gilgun was cast as Cassidy my excitement instantly doubled! I fell in love with his acting ability in Misfits and believe me when I say that he will not disappoint us. Bloody Hell, he will be amazing!



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