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Could You Survive A Year Of Fear?

Year In Captivity centres around the lives of seven foreign aid workers, who travel to Syria in order to help those in need. Once there, their lives take a drastic turn as they are kidnapped by Islamic militants. They are taken to a camp where they are held captive, not knowing whether they will live or die, whether they will see their loved ones again, or whether they will they will be able to cope with the torture, stress and psychological pain that they endure in their day to day lives.

Following the recent years of the Middle Eastern conflicts, there has been an increasing number of kidnappings, targeting innocent victims. Seven of these victims are Adam MacAuley, Layla Lawson and husband Jason Lawson, Mark Bradshaw, Andrea Harper, John Morrison and Chris Cheng. These are the most recent victims taken by the leader, Imam and his men.

Year In Captivity comes at a relevant time in the world as terrorism is on the rise. Everyone knows of the outcome, but no one knows of their struggles for survival. Year In Captivity brings you this story.

The creators of Year In Captivity have launched an Indiegogo campaign, (which can be found at the link below). From your donations the campaign will be able to bring the story alive, and truly raise awareness for those whose lives have been taken away from them and destroyed by the atrocities of these terrorists.

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The Year In Captivity Team:

Producer - Michael Brzezinski

Director - Gabbi Cruse

Head Scriptwriter - Laura Saxon


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