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The very first thing in Batman vs Superman everyone complained about was Lex Luther. "Why is he not bald? Why does he act like riddler? Eisenberg ruined lex luthor."

Before answering these questions, you need to know that he is not Lex Luthor. He is Lex Luthor Jr. There have never been much of him in the comic books and the Lex Luthor jr. that was a superhero was, in fact, from Earth 2 which became supervillain. The Lex Luthor jr in the death of superman comic was nothing like Jesse Eisenberg.

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Knowing that, Lex Luthor of BvS is a new character and considering how Zack Snyder changed the plot, we have no clue what is going to happen to Lex Luthor. So, I narrowed it down to 4 theories;

Theory 1: A new Lex Luthor

Eisenberg was not supposed to play Luthor but it's doubtful that he was the reason to make a new character. But it's possible from what they heard in the negative comments, they change the actor. A great cast for Luthor can be Bryan Cranston.

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Theory 2: Prison changes people

He shaved his head, Batman threatened him, and last but not least, he went to prison. Maybe Snyder's plan is to make him the Luthor we want.

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Theory 3: He is the Lex Luthor we want

Despite the fact that everyone criticized him, he is the best Lex Luthor ever. I'm not saying he portrayed the character perfectly, I'm saying he was the best one out of all the actors who portrayed this character.It is true that he wasn't Lex Luthor, but in my opinion, he was the best actor in BvS. Plus, if Nolan can change the characters, why can't Snyder do it?

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Theory 4: We won't be seeing a lot him in the future

Just like the Death of Superman comic, he might as well be non-related to the main plot. It is true that he invited Darkseid (brainiac?), but he didn't do anything in the Darkseid war or New 52 Justice League.

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What do you think will happen to Lex Luthor?


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