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Over the last few decades comedy movies in general have always been met with fairly consistent success. Everybody wants to be able to laugh, and watch a light-hearted story unfold. Whether its an action comedy like 21 Jump Street, Rush Hour or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Or its a dramatic comedy like The Breakfast Club, 500 Days of Summer or Love Actually. Or even a spoof comedy like Spaceballs, Scary Movie or Austin Powers. Whatever your preference of comedy, there's a deeper connection that draws us to these sort of movies: the laughs. We all want to laugh and most comedy movies either draw out the laughs because of the obvious jokes or ridiculous situations. Sometimes the laughs are brought out because of the similarity to our own personal stories, yet there are some films that do it so naturally that we don't even realize we're laughing until our sides ache. Everybody Wants Some is a movie in the latter of that list, it brings out laughter when you don't expect it and shines brightly as potentially one of the best comedies of the year. Here are 4 reasons why it's a film that you need to see.

It's infectiously light-hearted

Everybody Wants Some is an approachable story that follows a group of college baseball players as they navigate the realm of freedom and responsibilities that goes hand-in-hand with stepping into adulthood. The movie carries such an effervescent tone right off the bat (pun intended). In the opening scene we watch as Jake (Blake Jenner) drives through the school with his car's speakers blaring "My Sharona." The song is perfect for a cocky young man who wants to announce his arrival, and it's ideal for coed gawking who are all more beautiful than the last.

It's full of unique characters

This is possibly one of my favorite aspects of Everybody Wants Some, as through the entire movie we are introduced to several characters who are all learning what their identities truly are. This is the epitome of what it means to be in the middle of your coming-of-age tale, as each character is trying to figure out who they will be as adults. Some have figured it out, but most are trying on a variety of personalities to see what feels right. Each character is unique, and they nobody fits the stereotypical mold that you'd expect from a film filled with young 20s.

It's a spiritual sequel

Richard Linklater's film was billed as the 'spiritual sequel' to 1993's Dazed and Confused, and it is exactly that. Linklater, who wrote and directed both films gives us a film that mirrors the sentiment and emotion of it's predecessor from the early '90s. Dazed and Confused follows the celebration that surrounds the approaching end of the school year in a small Texas town; the hi-jinks, hazing and stoner highs that were prevalent in 1976. Everybody Wants Some follows in the same vein as it lives up to the same expectations but looks at the coming of age side of joining the college world rather than ending the high school adventure.

The cast isn't star-studded

Everybody Wants Some follows in the footsteps of Dazed and Confused by not looking to fill the cast with a star-studded ensemble, but rather fills it with actors who don't outshine their respective characters. Now that may not sound like a compliment, but the movie does well to prove it's brilliance with the collection of actors it has. Everybody Wants Some has a brilliant cast including: Glen Powell (Ride Along, Scream Queens), Ryan Guzman (Heroes Reborn, Step Up: All In), Juston Street (My All American, Perception), Blake Jenner (Glee, Supergirl), Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf, 7th Heaven) and Zoey Dutch (Ringer, Vampire Academy). Now some of these names you may recognize, but not all of them are widely known which makes their performances stand out even more.

All in all, Everybody Wants Some echoes the sentiments that many of us have experienced (or will soon): the bittersweet joy of living in the moment as we move into the reality of life and all it has to offer. Everybody Wants Some is a film that I would recommend to anyone looking for a comically blissful film.


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