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The age-old debate of which is better between 'Call of Duty' and 'Battlefield' seems to be a perpetual one. There has yet to be a definitive answer and there never will be either — simply because it is all about personal preference.

When it comes down to opinion, there can never be a certain right or wrong answer. There may be a favored option, but never a clear-cut winner.

I want to chime in on this debate by looking at it from a neutral point of view. I couldn't choose to side with either game, even if my life depended on it. I love them both equally. It's almost like being a parent and having two children — you can't have a favorite because you love them both, only in my case, my children are video games and no, I didn't fornicate with a disc.

Like I said, I can't side with either game, but I can offer some input on the topic. Namely, whether or not Call Of Duty could learn a thing or two from Battlefield.

Has 'Call of Duty' lost its way?

A massive theme in the gaming community lately has been that Call of Duty quite frankly sucks! And to be completely honest, I can sort of see where that notion is coming from. It's just not the same — with all of the wall running, jet-pack boosting, the swords, and all of the other futuristic gadgets and gizmos, the game feels like it has gone through a total metamorphosis! It lacks that good old CoD feeling.

Then again, I can also see it from the creators' perspectives too. If they didn't step it up and keep bringing new features into their games, it would just feel like the same thing game after game, after game, and that wouldn't be much fun either. So where do they turn? In my opinion — realism!

A chart which displays bullet drop.
A chart which displays bullet drop.

Take a page out of Battlefield's book of realism! Take the bullet drop for example: The further away you are from your desired target, the more drastic the drop will be, as shown in the above image.

And what about other things, for example: slower paced action and larger maps. Warzones are typically massive areas! It's not like you get to a certain point and you can't go any further, in real life you can go as far as you choose to. Obviously, it would be hard to have an infinite playing space in a game, but I think that even the larger maps in Call of Duty are still a little on the small side. CoD would greatly benefit from increasing the sizes of their maps and with that, slower-paced, more realistic action would certainly follow.

But you have to consider the fact that a lot of people prefer CoD for that exact reason: They enjoy the CQB and tight maps, so that one is up for debate I suppose!

A tank from Battlefield!
A tank from Battlefield!

Here's one thing that I think Call of Duty has been screaming out for: The ability to commandeer and utilize vehicles in online game play. And I don't just mean kill-steaks and things like that, I mean having vehicles available in open play for use whenever one feels like it.

This is one of my most favorite features in Battlefield! It makes the game that little bit less boring. I find that when you play BF and get bored you can switch it up and use vehicles — switching between different ones — and then go back to running around on foot. There's no denying that using the vehicles in BF makes you feel like a true enthusiast of bad-assery, but then again so does a cross-map triple-kill head shot with an intervention on Highrise in MW2!

Ah, the memories!
Ah, the memories!

To answer the question:

Yes, I do feel that Call of Duty could learn some things from Battlefield. I believe that given the direction in which the franchise is currently headed, it needs a change of direction and fast! But the thing is, that direction could never, and will never be, towards a BF style of gameplay. And that is simply because if CoD ever did incorporate some of the features mentioned in this article, they would be accused of trying to mimic BF, and that certainly would not be good for the franchise!

What they need is something new, something different, but at the same time, a game that retains the values that revolutionized the genre. They need something similar to MW2 or WAW but they need to deliver it in a way so that it differs from them — the same great old concepts, only blended into a totally new game which includes new, never-before-seen features! Kind of like what they're trying to do now, only very different.

So, I hope that isn't overly confusing for you guys over at Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer. You've received your orders, now get out their and make it happen! Your fandom depends on it!

What do you think 'CoD' could learn from 'Battlefield'?


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