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1. The Killer/Antagonists Can Teleport

"Don't worry! They're not behind us anymore!" — Protagonist

You're right protagonist; you are now running directly towards a mob of Plaga-infected townsfolk! (Reference anyone?) There is nothing more infuriating and honestly cliché than teleporting. See No Evil, and Condemned I am talking about you, my friends. That movie and game have a ton of moments where the psycho (Kane), or mannequins/baby dolls teleport behind you. It's just overdone and quite a dull tactic to promote jump scares. It doesn't have to make sense how and when they got there now, does it?!

2. Missing The Chance To Take Out/Escape The Evil

There have been too many times, and I mean TOO MANY TIMES where we all see this stereotype happen. The protagonist is stuck hiding from a killer when there is a perfectly good window or baseball bat just waiting to be used and what do they do? Obviously, they run a different direction or just ignore the potential weapons around. Such as Five Nights At Freddy's (Because, hell no), and The Forest. In both instances, any reasonable person would say, "Oh, hell no!" and peace out! Especially in The Forest because (this goes with No. 4 and 5) she wanders off and is just not paying attention to all the chances she was given to escape! Don't even get me started with Five Nights At Freddy's!

3. Too Many Jump Scares

Now let me explain myself on this stereotype. I love a good jump scare in any scary movie or game as much as the next guy, but what I don't like is when they overuse them. A significant portion of horror movies and games add in random jump scares at times that aren't exactly appropriate. Sometimes they can just ruin the experience and make the film or game cheesy. There has to be a buildup to what is coming, and that's honestly what makes me shield my eyes like a little kid. The fact that we know something is slowly creeping up with a dark ambiance, and then, only then, pops out, is what truly freaks people out.

4. Let's Split Up, Gang

Oh look, it's the infamous quote from Fred in Scooby-Doo. Sadly, this stereotype is what gets people killed Fred! Sticking together is generally the better way to go about things. Did you pay attention to stereotype No. 1, Fred?! I mean, if there is one killer and say, six of you, who has the better odds here? If you split into three groups of two, and you all go off in separate directions, then you just broke the power of your group completely. Yes, you guys essentially have a better chance of escaping and not catching attention, but there are too many ways for splitting up to go wrong.

5. The Protagonists Being Empty-headed

We see this in movies and gaming all the time. Let's all shake our heads in agreement here because come on; you really shouldn't investigate what/who just murdered your best friend, or what ate your neighbor. The protagonist is NOT thinking, "Oh my gosh, this is the start of a scary adventure!" They are probably thinking, "Holy sh**, holy sh**, oh fu-" as well as more profanity while running the hell away. Get out of there, dude, don't act like your Sherlock Holmes when something is all creepy and weird.

What do you all think? There are a lot of things people love and hate about horror movies/games, but these are the ones that stand out to me personally.

I'm curious. What makes you cringe at horror-themed movies and games?!


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