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Hurray For The Summer Of 2016

Everybody rejoice because this summer is going to be great for both worlds! We have a ton of wonderful games, and crazy sounding movies to wait for. There's plenty on each side of the spectrum and a ton of different genres.

A Look At Some Of The Films...

1. Action/Adventure/Drama: Captain America: Civil War

Everyone knew this was going to be on here, but it does look really awesome.

2. Action: X-Men: Apocalypse

This move looks to be crazy epic!

3. Comedy: Keanu

Key and Peele are finally hitting the big screen in this crazy comedy. You gotta be kitten me right meow!

4. Gamer:Ratchet & Clank

I don't exactly know how I feel about this movie, but I hope to god it's going to be as awesome as the games!

5. Gamer: Warcraft

There's only one way to describe what this film looks like it's going to be, and that's bad-ass.

And Now Look At Some Of The Games...

1. Adventure/ Action: Uncharted 4

Oh, the Uncharted series--we have been waiting for you, Nathan!

2. Action: Doom

I am so ready to piss my pants and scream while I spray and pray hell spawn!

3. Adventure: Star Fox Zero

All I can say is, "Do a Barrel Roll!" (Click the link, trust me)

4. JRPG: Persona 5

For all you Persona fans, this one is for you! I'm the most excited for this title!

5. Real-Time Strategy: Total War: Warhammer

Finally, an RTS that's not going to suck!!

What movie or game are you most excited for this year???


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