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Let Me Be Honest...

In all actuality, this is not really a deleted scene from the movie, but I would like to point out the fact that this video is 1:30 and it's way better than the original movie by a large margin. Without further adieu, please enjoy the greatest Batman v Superman clip you have ever witnessed.

If You Were A Fan Of The Actual Movie...

If you enjoyed the original that's totally okay too! I mean it really wasn't that bad of a movie, but I think the reason why people disliked it so much is because it was really slow for awhile. Not only that but the way they made Batman seem like more of a thief who stole the kryptonite than the pure genius that he is. My feelings on the matter are that I just didn't get a good vibe from it. If I didn't read the comics I would have probably loved it!

Thanks For The Quick Read!

Hope you enjoyed that beautiful video, and I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Also, if you want more of these cat spoofs check out the Facebook page below because there's a lot more like it!


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