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Earlier this week, we learned Natalie Portman wouldn't be returning as Jane Foster in Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. In her stead will be Creed's Tessa Thompson, and a new report from Latino-Review could shed some light on who she'll be playing.

It's possible Thompson could be Brunnhilde, a.k.a Valkyrie, the leader of Odin's Valkyrior, a group of warrior goddesses that roams the battlefields to determine who will be granted entrance to Valhalla upon their death.

The very title of the film — Ragnarok — points to a movie set more firmly in Asgard rather than on Earth (or Midgard, depending on how deeply invested you are).

In addition to the title, the tease of Heimdall's demise in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the rumor that Hela will appear suggests a movie that is squarely centered around death and thus more likely includes a character like Valkyrie.

With both Jane Foster and Lady Sif apparently out of the sequel, it makes sense that a badass like Valkyrie would swoop in to take the mantle.

(Source: Latino-Review)


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