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Bill Solo

Look, the search for the new Han Solo has been going on for MONTHS, and months, and we may have just found the man who is the frontrunner to play him!


Yep, no, Disney doesn't want you to have that joy in your heart, because....MONEY, mate, it's all about the money, and the real frontrunner is Alden Erein- Ehreine- Goddamn it, a lad with a really hard name to pronounce (Jk, it's Alden Ehrenreich).

Here's the lad's face:

What the f**k is going on here, like, don't think i hate the lad, but i don't think he's good for Han, first of all, he looks nothing like Han, and out of all the movies i've seen him in (which aren't a lot) he doesn't strike me as a Han type.

Except Hail, Ceasar!

I don't know, but he was so funny in that, easily one of the best parts, he has the charm, but i don't know for the comedy, i mean he's funny, but not Han Solo- funny, know what i mean? I mean, i grew up with SW and Han all my life, and i always thought of Han as this cool, funny as hell guy, who reminded me of how uncool i am (sigh, good times).

Look, this is a quick little post, and i wanna give some thoughts on it, and i do think it's alright, but nothing is decided, so he could not be cast afterall, so jump and take this lad, before he slips through your fingers, mouse.


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