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Earlier today at CinemaCon, Director James Cameron announced that there will be four Avatar sequels accompanying the highly successful 2009 film. All of the sequels are scheduled for a Christmas release beginning with Avatar 2 in 2018, Avatar 3 in 2020, Avatar 4 in 2022, and Avatar 5 in 2023. Interestingly, Cameron stated that each film "stands alone," but together will "form a complete saga."

The presentation concluded with a revealing of several images of concept art from the sequels. According to a Times writer who was there, the images included "lots of green and blue," and at one point he thought he saw an "alien turtle swimming."

The 2009 film still holds the all-time global box office record of $2,787,965,087. Recent films have come close to the record, but perhaps a sequel is what can give Avatar a run for its money. Avatar was revolutionary for the film industry in terms of its heavy use of motion capture technology which has now been widely adopted in major motion pictures. A sequel to the film has been constantly speculated and with today's news, it is now official that the Avatar universe will continue on into the future.

Source: Time


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