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Supernatural phenomena has always fascinated people since the age of time. When we think about supernatural beings, some typical ones come to mind right away. Banshees, Gnomes, Trolls, Witches and such...but have you heard of a Bean-Nighe? Or a Lorelei? No? Well... I've prepared a list of 10 of the many supernatural beings that exist out there and some, I'm sure, that you maybe even have never heard of before.

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1. Ankou

Known as a henchman of death or graveyard watcher it's said that he protects the graveyard and the souls around it but it collects the lost ones. The Ankou appears as a man or a skeleton wearing a type of cloak (similar to death) and also wielding a scythe and a hat. Sometimes depicted as a shadow, it also hauls a cart for collecting the dead. In other cultures, he's known for being the first child of Adam and Eve and mostly they think of him as a death omen for obvious reasons.

2. Bean-Nighe

The Bean-Nighe is a type of sith in Scottish Folklore. They are the spirits of women who died giving birth and they are destined to continue with their "job" of washer women till the day their lives would of have normally ended. These spirits wander near streams where they wash the blood from the clothes of those who are about to die. She's described as a woman who has one nostril, a big elongated tooth and hanging breasts along with wearing green. She can also appear as a beautiful woman if she wants in some cases.

A person who is brave enough to approach her, can suck her breast and become her foster child, after that, you may gain a wish from her. People have also associated her with a "Banshee" from time to time.

3. Boggart

A nasty and unpleasant type of ghost found mainly in Northern England, it usually targets farms and isolated properties where hardly any people are around. They can be highly annoying much like a poltergeist and are mainly attracted to attacking those in their bedroom at night throwing stuff around, pulling on their bed sheets and sometimes even going as far as putting their "clammy" hand on their face. According to tradition, you can prevent the boggart from coming into your home by simply placing a horseshoe on your main door.

4. Drude

According to tradition, a Drude is a ghost associated with witchcraft. A young witch had the ability to become one of these night phantoms, once she had reached the age of 40. If they did choose to become a drude, then they had the ability to inflict terrible visions on their victims thus making them suffer till they reached the brink of suicide. It is often referred to them as "The nightmare fiend" in some countries.

5. Duppy

A terryfing phantom that is known to only appear at night, the duppy is believed to be 100% evil and must disappear before dawn. These spirits have a long tradition in the Carribean, mainly in Jamaica where they can easily be summoned from graves by placing a glass of rum and some gold coins on the tomb. West Indians believe that if a duppy exhales over a person, they will become ill. You can prevent the duppy's from entering your home by placing tobacco seeds around your doors and windows.

6. Liekkio

The Liekkiio (meaning the flaming one) is a small flame that can be seen dancing and hovering around forests all over the place. It is said that is the ghost-like figure of children who have been secretly buried in the woods in unmarked graves and also the spirits of those from unwanted pregnancies.

7. Lorelei

Aside from being a steep slate rock in Germany which people claim she haunts, the Lorelei is a water spirit similar to a siren or mermaid, who lures boats and ships with her spellbinding singing, making them crash straight into the treacherous rocks. Sailors are among the most who have witnessed the presence of these creatures, who makes them loose their sense of direction when they hear her. The rock formation in Germany causes such echoes that are believed to be the spirit of these individuals singing.

8. Spunkie

Spunkie's are often found in the countryside of England and Scotland, they are sad ghost of children (most of the time) who have not been baptized or died at an early age. According to tradition, they keep wondering off "looking for someone to give them a name". According to locals, Spunkies often gather together in some parts of Scotland, especially during the Halloween season. They are doomed to wander the earth in solitude until "Judgement Day" arrives.

9. Tokolosh

The weird looking phantom-like figure who wanders and lives near rivers and watercourses mostly in South Africa, the tokolosh, has a human-like appearance and is often seen with either black hair or see-thru skin. It roams only at night, and carries out vengeful acts without making a sound, but can also become invisible instantly therefore avoiding any human contact.

10. Undine

Yet another beautiful female spirit who haunts rivers and water paths, the undine are the many spirits of scorned women who have died of a broken heart and decided to take their own life. They don't mean harm unless is someone who has been unfaithful. In other traditions, the undine lacks a human soul and therefore must marry a human to achieve immortality, but if the human they marry cheats, he is bound to die, and they are destined to suffer for all eternity.

Know of any other creepy creature we should know about?? Have you ever encountered any of these beings? Let us know in the comment section down below. In the meantime don't forget to FOLLOW ME!! and stay tuned for more creepy/scary stories and remember... Sweet Screams.

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