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The world premier of Civil War was this week and Marvel decided this was a great time to drown us in Marvel press. Jimmy Kimmel is doing a Marvel themed week while the Marvel Youtube channel is posting all their red carpet interviews with the cast. On top of that we have the Doctor Strange trailer and new announcements! Here's a few of the highlights:

Aunt May

I don't know if I completely missed an announcement earlier or what, but it seems like Aunt May's appearance in Civil War has gone under the radar for a while. Well, just to make it very clear, Marisa Tomei was featured in the cast line-up at the premier. I can't wait to see this younger take on Peter Parker AND Aunt May!

Anthony Mackie is a Distraction

On Kimmel this week, the team Cap half of the Civil War cast revealed something about Anthony Mackie. They try to get scenes done before he arrives because once Mackie gets to set, productivity drops by 10%. This cast is just as goofy as their characters!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The title of the new Spidey solo film is officially Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is no doubt a play on Peter Parker's inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the fact that this version of Spidey is younger and in high-school.

RDJ Wants To Be in Spider-Man: Homecoming

In a solo interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Robert Downey Jr. talked about his childhood love of Spider-Man. Jimmy asked if he'll be in the solo Spidey film and it seems RDJ would love that! We would too Robert! Make it happen, man!!!

RDJ Takes Credit For the MCU

Robert also talked with Jimmy about how Iron Man was the beginning of the MCU. He joked that the MCU is what it is, all because of him. I can't say I totally disagree!


At a press event, Kevin Feige discussed Wasp in Civil War. Though she was originally supposed to be in the film, they opted to leave her out to add gravity to Ant-Man and the Wasp. She was originally supposed to be on Team Cap along with Ant-Man. That would've been cool!

RDJ Took Home the Huge Avengers 'A' from the Avengers Facility

Remember the big 'A' in front of the Avengers Facility at the end of Ultron? It's now in RDJ's office.

Peyton Reed: Ant-Man and The Wasp Will Feature Things You've Never Seen in a Movie Before

On the red carpet, Peyton talked about how the Ant-Man sequel is currently in the writing stages. What they have written is apparently like nothing we've ever seen though! I'm pumped for that!

Peyton Reed Was Possessive of Ant-Man at First but Loves Civil War

Peyton may have been nervous sending his baby, Ant-Man, out to play with the other heroes, but Civil War did him justice. In fact Ant-Man is one of the best parts of the film according to Reed.

Clark Gregg Teased a Death on Agents of Shield

While discussing TV deaths with Jimmy Kimmel, Clark let it slip that there might be another death on the horizon! Who could it be?!

This has been a Marvel-ous news week if you ask me! We learned so much about Marvel's Spider-Man and his role in the MCU! Civil War is coming soon and it's going to be HUGE! What Marvel property are you most excited for?! Tell me in the comments!


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