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Mythology of little country in Mediterannean sea which is recently known for Game of Thrones is not very famous, even though it stores interesting legends and creatures. I will write about some. Excuse my English if I make a mistake.

WOLF OF GOD or perhaps GOD'S WOLF. (Božja vučica) When she takes off her wolfskin, she reveals her human-like beauty. If some young man hides her skin, she marries him, but if she finds her skin, she escapes with it. He has to find wolf sheppard and guess which one is his wife, and if he guesses well, she goes home with him forever.

BORA. (Bura) is usually northern to north-eastern katabatic wind in the Adriatic, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Russia (Novorossiysk) and Turkey. In myth, Bura is a girl who, when someone swears on wind, tortures trees, rooves and that is her revenge.

ČOVIČAC (čovjek - man. č as 'ch'. basically a diminutive of a man) evil, bearded creature who hangs like bat on trees. Can cause flood.

DANJE (dan - day. read perhaps Danye) gloomy creature. Kills men who walk by night.

DIDA, PREDAK (Grandfather, Ancestor), After death looks after the house. Linked to cult of home spirits.

also, very similar spirit named DOMOVOJ, DOMOVIK (dom - home), DJEDUŠKA (djed-grandfather), STARIK (starac-old man) or KHOROMOZITEL. House spirit od eastern Slavs. Appears as little old man, sometimes has horns and tail. He could become cat, dog, frog, cow or snake. Takes care of house's wealth, especially livestock, which links him to god Veles (god of underground. He was greatest enemy of god Perun who was god of thunder, and after babtism Veles became devil, but unlike devil, Veles has positive personality (most of the time) and has saved peasants from Perun's careless storm casting). People who lived in houses which were under Domovoj's protection could hear sad weeping and groan, but his voice wa usually very nice and calming. It was very dangerous if anyone would see him. His wife Domovika lives in basement. There is a legend that when god Svarog was creating Earth, some of the angels rebelledand those he sent down to Earth and they became deities of household.

illustration for Stribor. Domovik's available soon.
illustration for Stribor. Domovik's available soon.

VODANOJ (voda-water) Vodanojs usually differed one from another. Some had freaky head, glowing eyes, claws on place of hands, some looked like giants overgrown in moss, some like giant fish. They could also appear in shape of old man with green hair and beard and the color would change as moon phases did. Female vodanojs could be seen as nude women sitting near water, mostly on tree roots soaking feet or legs in water and combing their huge hair. Those were evil, wicked creatures who felt only hatred to human kind so they always lurked for them to take them under the water surface. During the day, they would rest in their underwater castles and they would swim out by night and watch for careless swimmers. If a vodanoj caught someone swimming after twilight, he or she vodanoj would trap him and take to the underwater kingdom where that human would become vodanoj's slave. Vodanojs would often hide near mills and sometimes a lot of them would garther to the millers would fear them. However, they hated mills and they always tried to break them so the water could flow freely.

ĐAVAL ( read Đ like J - Javal). (đaval means devil)- With wife 'Injustice' he had seven daughters, third was 'Storm' who was ruining all the works serfs have done.

IRUDICA woman with evil spirit. when it would storm, she walked on clouds and air.

IZVANŠĆINE (š as 'sh', ć as 'ch') (izvan - out of, it excludes something, excluding everything that is normal)- collective name for night beings on peninsula Pelješac (where I come from). "Najškropija noć ti je noć od Poklada:ona je nećista,blusna.Dan je za živih,a noć za blusih..." I'm not sure what 'najškropija' means, it is an outdated expression but I guess what it should be. however, it should be like this: "The most sinful night is the night of the carnival: it is unclean, lustful. Day is for the living, and night for those who lust." In Istira Izvanšćine were called 'Zmamorije'.

@batlecter on instagram.
@batlecter on instagram.

City of LEGEN and GIANT LEĐAN (read đ as j). Legen is ancient, magical city which is mentioned in old croatian songs and tales. in time of ice age, goddess of winter Morana was in service of villain, giant Leđan. Morana turned everything into ice on Earth, including people, animals and mammoths.

KEČIZUBE (keči - stick out, zube - teeth). Little forest creatures with big teeth who strike passengers with theri gaze and he falls unconcious. They stick out their teeth while laughing at the passenger.

KRIVOMJERI (krivo - wrong, mjeri - measures, mjeriti - to measure) invisible creatures. you can only see the flames of their candles which they are carrying through the fields and hear the chains they are pulling along.

MACIĆ. appears as child with hat. he walks around on hills and around the sea. it was believed that Macić lays out from the egg of black chicken which a man puts under left armpit and stands near sea, under a rock. In territories near sea, Macić lives in sea and helps fishermen to catch fish. when their master dies, when his grave is opened, a snake can be found

MACMOLIĆ. a dwarf who's hand palms are hairy like cat, has long nails, drags a long chain.

MALIK. Dwarf big as a child aged 5. Lives in old pits in which he has beautiful marble rooms. He has red hat and is dressed in black. Folklore says his name is Tintilin or Tintilinić and he is mentioned in story "Stribor's forest" which is written by famous Croatian writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić (check one of my previous posts for more)

MANJINJORGO. donkey without ears.

MOGUT ZLI (zli - evil.) appears when a woman caiies a child for seven years. "it runs away from baptizing and grows wings like dragons. has strong tail, rides in a cloud", Mogut is a strong wind.

MORA,MORINA,MORA VRAGODUHA,MURA. (Mora vragoduha: vrag-devil, duh-spirit). Girl who has evil blood. has 3 legs. "the one who has no hair is the one who has bussiness with the devil)

MORSKE DJEVICE(DIKLICE) (sea maidens). sea monster - half beautiful girl, half fish with split tail.

@batlecter on instagram
@batlecter on instagram

MORSKI KONJ (sea horse). Myths say that there are horses who live in sea and each has one jewel on their foreheads. if someone puts garbage on fire on sea coast and hides, after several days one will see sea horses coming out. they will leave their jewels on ashes and go in the hills for pasture. the one who lit the garbage has to rush and "he shall find all of the 300 jewels". it is said that the one who steals the jewels will be rich and healthy forever.

MRAK,ORKO,UROK (mrak-dark, urok-curse). evil spirit. if a man steps on his footprint, sits on Orko, goes the wrong way for too long, a man can bring that evil spirit home on a shoulder.

NEMRI (nemri- does not die, mrijeti-to die) mythological people who could not die from aging or sickness. they built a city and there they killed old people. "Some of the dead could not rot even in grave - they are not stones, they are not men"

OBRŠTARICA witch leader, but very short. she eats hearts of children.

FB page: magdalena dracaryen. instagram @batlecter
FB page: magdalena dracaryen. instagram @batlecter

OVASAR. appears in shape of a man, but is tall as an oak. lives near water mills or far away from anyone.

PAKLENJAK (pakao-hell, paklen-of hell). is linked to supreme deity Perun, god of storm, Potrimba, god of harvest and Pokola, evil spirit of underground. Paklenjak's (paklenyak) face is made of flame, as well as hair. in front of him there are three skulls - human skull, bull skull and horse skull.

PASOGLAVAC,PESOGLAVAC (pas-dog). on his forehead he has an eye big as a plate, he has dog's head and he eats people. He was allegedly guarding the gates if hell.

PODZEMLJAR (pod-under, zemlja-earth). mythological man who lives under the earth and rewards people who are good to animals.

POKRIK,NADLISTAK. (pokriti- to cover) madrake. that plant sprouts only under gallows if an innocent man is to be executed. it is impossible to get mandrake's root, unless one uses wtchcraft and devil's help, in midnight, under the gallows. if anyone touches it before the right time, root screams so terribly that person dies horrified. is mentioned in myths around the world.

POZOJ,POZOJNICA,ZMAJ GLEDOTVORNI,KAČAK. (zmaj-dragon. read zmay. kačak- kača, read kacha. kača means snake.) mythological beast who lives in abyss. can be compared to Mogut.

SUDBENICE,SUĐENICE,SUDNICE,SOJENICE,SUJENICE,ROJENICE. (sudbenice: sudba-fate) third or seventh enchantress, fairy comes when a child is born and tell him about his fate.

@batlecter on instagram
@batlecter on instagram

TOKMAKBABA (baba-old woman, grandmother). old woman who has a hammer and she punishes people with it. there are four of those and they walk everywhere on the world punishing people. all four of them travel from four sides of the world towards the middle and they are constantly throb and bang with their Tokmaks.

TORČICA,TURČICA,UTORČICA. (utorčica: utorak-tuesday) If women left a ribbon on Tuesday on spinning wheel, Utorčica would come to knit.

UŠUŠUR. green elf, sprite, green young man covered in moss who is chained to the bottom of the river. I remember reading how he was in love and his maiden left him, so he drowned himself in a river and in every spring he attracts young people who are in love close to river and drowns them.

UZMA. specie of evil spirits, in some stories that is a witch.

VADICA. little phantom who has a bubble, a hat on his head, his legs are red from feet to knees, dressed in white.

VADA. wraith of winter, hunger, sickness. kills everything on it's way.

VEDI. creatures similar to humans. very tall, hairy. lived in tribes, and their civilizations are hidden in forests. with one breath they could create a storm. every house had it's own Ved, a protector. they would pray to him in time of danger. through 19th century they became invisible and retreated to the forest.

VJEŠTICA (simply witch). woman with evil eyes, wicked heart, devil's soul. she has contract with the devil; he is her teacher and he helps her. if someone wants to escape from her, one sits on a tree, because devil's can't climb the trees. however, this works only in some myths, while in other devil's little creatures live on trees. They dance and eat hearts of children. before a witch dies, someone who pulls her feet thumbs and she leaves all her possessions to him.

@batlecter on instagram
@batlecter on instagram

VODAN,VODENJAK,ASTERMAT,VODENI ČOVJEK,VODBOJ (voda-water. Aquarius, Water-man). Very tall mythological man. he is afraid of garlic. with his flute he can cause rain and he can get mill to work. after baptism he has become evil demon who lives in water through autumn and winter, and then moves to forest. Songs say that he looks like an old man made of moss, instead of hands he has branches. Superior king of vodenjaks lives in castle made of glass. his servants are those who are lured and pulled down in water. green sprite Ušušur belongs to the same specie.

VUČJI PASTIR (wolf sheppard.) poor and dressed in rags. all the wolves garther around him. he can wail like a wolf.

VUKODLAK,VUKOZLAK,UKODLAK,KOZLAK,KUDLAK,KUDLJAK (vuk-wolf. vukodlak-werewolf). after an evil man dies, devil enters his grave, peels his skin off, collects his blood and puts it in bellow as traps his soul in it. a werewolf is born in a bellow. 40 days after a man becomes that mythological beast. Neum is a hill on which werewolves garther. there is no place where two werewolves can meet but there; even 12 of them, every friday night. a man can defend from a werewolf only with a stake. a werewolf cannot be stabbed without three priests which are followed by sacristan, they look for him three times in his grave and then he comes to them after hearing the bells. they trick him three times until he bows down and they stab him in occiput. old folks used to say evil spirit od darkness had a wolf who would sometimes exit the hell wanting to eat moon and sun and another name for eclipse was "werewolves".

ZAKLETA VOJSKA (cursed army) - Warriors of king Matijaš (Matthias Corvinus) who are turned to stone. they will awake when the end of the world comes and it will be the biggest battle between the living and the dead.

ZMAJ (dragon). in croatian tradition they have positive character. they protect the community, they can transform in other beings. dragons are very unique, choosen people who can travel to other dimensions while they are dreaming deeply, and they are then aware of their strength. a choosen man becomes a dragon when there is catastrophe to happen (for his kin or folk, or big wars). they recieve supernatural power and become best warriors on the battlefield.
a dragon can evolve of a snake which grows quickly and when it is nine years old, a snage grows wings and legs. a dragon may have seven heads. there is a legend about dragon's cave on Hvar. two enchantresses lived with him.

ŽENORIBA,SIRENA,POL ŽENA POL RIBA (žena-woman. riba-fish). sea nymph, has a magical voice. there are legends about ženoriba, wife of god Veles, who reigns with Veles in Virej (virey) where spring lasts forever.

@batlecter on instagram.
@batlecter on instagram.

Banik (banja-toilet). lives in rooms intended for bathing. after three groups of people who took a bath (they must leave water for him), he appears and takes a bath and should not be interrupted. can see future. was often visited by forest demons and devils.

LEŠIJ, LESOVIK, LESOVOJ, LEŠAK, LESNIK. Represents old forest spirit. His name on old slavic means forest. His wife's name is Lešačaha, Lesoviha, Lešiha. They are wild, live in communities, sometimes loners. sometimes has head of some animals with horns, sometimes dressed in fur, sometimes has hooves. sheppards are in his favor. protector of wild animals, but domestic, too. even though that sounds like contraposition, he is in charge of balancing their relationships (between wild and domestic animals). he could appear as pure human, but then he had no eyelashes or one eye. they often abduct pretty women and take them to their cottages covered in fur. they make those girls dance around them. some beliefs say that Lešijs are covered with fleece. bear is his pet. there is a belief that Lesnik doesn't cast shadow.

KIKIMORA. evil house spirit who appears as a little woman. she takes care of domestic animals. doesn't like men. gives children nightmares.

POKOLA. evil spirit of the underworld.

VAMPIR (vampire). ghost of the deceased or corpse who's soul is sucked out by devil, as is revived by the devil. in the middle of the night he exits his grave to suck the blood of the living. some beliefs say he was hairy like a dog, had bloody eyes and teeth, can blow fire from mouth. evil men become vampires after death, and good people can only become vampires if:

@mythmacabre on instagram
@mythmacabre on instagram

can appear as various animals or become invisible. dogs feel them first. they usually appear on graveyards, crossroads, watermills or in houses in which they used to live. they are sometimes repelled by crosses drawn with tar on the door. iron, garlic, the sound of bells, sharp objects under the pillow. it is important to take care of recently deceased person so he/she doesn't become a vampire. therefore, people make a cut on dead man's skin, tendons are cut, thorns are hammered underneath corpse's nails so the devil cannot peel the dead man's skin off. in meat under the tongue a thorn has to be placed to prevent the devil to suck on dead man's blood. body has to be buried face towards the bottom so the vampire is disorientated. baby born of a vampire can locate a vampire. black foal can find vampire's grave.

POLUDNICA. spirit of a beautiful tall girl who walks in fields dressed in white. she appears in summer harvest and meets people who work. she pulls their hair and crashes them to the ground without mercy.

@batlecter on instagram
@batlecter on instagram

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