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The biggest news right now is that the upcoming stand-alone Spider-Man film has gotten it's official title of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. However, that's not the only biggest news with the film. It is also unofficially confirmed that Michael Keaton will be playing the movie's antagonist. But the question is... which one is he playing? Here are five possible villains that Michael Keaton can play in the upcoming MCU Spider-Man movie.

1. Kraven

It was heavily rumored many months ago that Kraven the Hunter would be the villain of the upcoming Spider-Man movie. With the proper training and look, Keaton could pull off the role of the. In the comics, Kraven is a maniacal big game hunter who constantly hunts Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. Hopefully Keaton has the proper skills and talent to tackle this classic supervillain.

2. Norman Osborn

It wouldn't be completely out there to suggest that the MCU will want to bring their take on Spider-Man's archenemy to the big screen. Norman Osborn is an old ruthless businessman who befriends Peter Parker while trying to be a father figure to him. However, the soon becomes the part of a botched science experiment that transforms him into the sinister Green Goblin who tries to ruin the life Spider-Man on several occasions.

Keaton's past role of Beetlejuice proves that he can be a crazy, comedic character while also proving he can be a serious, menacing character like in Birdman. He'd probably be better than Matthew McConaughey.

3. Vulture

Vulture is a Spider-Man villain that is usually forgotten and has yet to get his break in the movies. Adrian Toomes was a electrical engineer who created his own flight suit to commit several crimes across the city. Adrian Toomes is usually portrayed as a very old but active man who constantly gives Spider-Man a run for his money. He is a remorseless killer who constantly tries to regain his youth with biochemical engineering but is constantly foiled by the hands of Spider-Man. Michael Keaton could surely do much with a role like this.

4. Mysterio

This is a Spider-Man foe that deserves a movie debut soon. Quentin Beck was a special effects mastermind who tried to publicly prove that Spider-Man was a fraud. This lead to him becoming mocked, losing his fame and jobs in Hollywood and eventually seeking revenge on Spider-Man for humiliating him. Michael Keaton would be great as Mysterio and it'd be a nice start to this whole 'Sinister Six' idea that's been floating around for the past few years.

5. Sandman

Sandman was actually one of the only things that worked in the below average Spider-Man 3. He was portrayed as a villain who wasn't actually a bad man at heart but just a guy who makes bad choices in order to keep up with his daughter's medical bills. It was actually a very touching story arc that ended very satisfyingly for many Spider-Man fans. If the MCU were to bring that story arc back for Spider-Man: Homecoming, I would not have a single problem with that. Michael Keaton could do this character for that justice with his latest emotional performances in Birdman and Spotlight.

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