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Full Disclaimer: This game was given away as part of a PS Plus membership and played on a PS3.

From Zen Studios, the creators of that pinball game you have on your Windows 8 or Windows 10, come a rhythmic fighting game, where at the beat of the sound you press pre-coordinated buttons, while your character, be it male or female, is kicking-ass.

There a lot of twists during the levels, with different color enemies representing a different type of fighting approach, as well as some who carry bonus items, be them extra health, power-ups or points.

While somewhat repetitive, KickBeat has good intentions behind it, with a simple plot line behind it. It's when you get down and dirty, punching and kicking your foes in an arena, at the sound of some of the best (and worst) rock, metal, rapcore and electronic-rock that things may get a bit more otherwise.

See, after so many levels of doing the same, the only thing motivating you might be the curiosity of playing a song you've never heard before or a song you really enjoy, with the major downside being that not all beats in the song entirely match up with the fighting.

But back to the soundtrack for a moment: There are some really good songs here, like The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie's Scum of The Earth and Pendulum's Self vs. Self (feat. In Flames), which can be a lot of fun to get going. However, the way the levels are set, it can go from classic genre to full blown electronic, setting the pace in a weird way.

However, on the PS3 version (and on the Steam Edition, I believe), you can add your own songs, even though are limited to a duration. I tried it with different genres, like country, some 50 Cent, some Iron Maiden and hardcore drum 'n bass custom made by a buddy, and it works as well as one can expect. While on certain genres without proper beats it can be extremely weird. But when playing the drum 'n bass, it can exaggerate a few moments of the song, meaning that while not perfect, the song analysis technology isn't entirely useless.

All in all a game you should play with friends over an afternoon or to take a break from your other games!


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