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We still have a few weeks until we see Team Cap and Team Iron Man go head to head in Captain America: Civil War, but that's not stopping Marvel's finest from planning their next move in the MCU.

There's no telling if Peter Parker's allegiance will carry over into his standalone Spider-Man film, but there's always the potential that Iron Man could make an appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

When asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night whether he has any plans to team up with the young Peter Parker, Marvel veteran Robert Downey Jr. gave a coy response that left things pretty open-ended:

“Perhaps I will. We don’t have a contract yet.”

Cheeky, Mr. Stark. Cheeky. It might not be much, but the lack of a hard "no" is enough to keep us guessing. I would love to see Tony Stark enlist the help of Peter Parker and hire him as an intern at Stark Industries. That kind of work experience would look pretty impressive on a fictional résumé, after all.

See Spider-Man and Iron Man team up in 'Captain America: Civil War' on May 6.


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