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Recently a rumor of Dragon Ball Super introducing a new Super Saiyan god transformation has taken over the online Dragon Ball community. If the rumors are in-fact true we will get a new Super Saiyan transformation and this time the hair will have white color! It can be called Super Saiyan White or Ultimate Saiyan God White or something like that.


Basically all these originated from an interview Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro gave recently. Toriyama vaguely hinted that there might be another Super Saiyan transformation and the hair for that might be white!

I am highlighting that part of the interview here. Taken from the rough translation done by kanzenshuu -

“The Interviewer: Toyotaro, do you have any question about the manga for Toriyama?

Toyotaro: My question is so trivial I am kind of ashamed, but... why does Super Saiyan Blue have blue hair?

Toriyama: In Battle of God it was red, so I figured for revival of ‘F’ I should go with blue. That’s all (laughs). Well actually I was thinking about having it be white, but then it would color-clash with the “next-enemy” ... So I figured I should save it for another occasion.”

So, mainly the information we can extract from this part is:

Akira Toriyama wanted to introduce a new god form in the revival of ‘F’ movie. So, he decided to go with blue haired transformation because in battle of god it was red. Though primarily he had White haired form in mind he later changed his mind because that would cause color clash with the next enemy. But he also mentioned that he thought it would be better to save it for another occasion. So it means there’s a high possibility that we would get see Goku and Vegeta with a new transformation likely featuring white hair.

Surfing over the social medias I noticed that many fans are claiming Toriyama canceled it and it’s never going to happen. I don’t know maybe they read translations from a different source. But the translation I am using here clearly states that Toriyama said he thought it would be better to save it for another occasion. So, I see nothing wrong if the fans expect to see a new white haired transformation. I don’t understand why many fans are replying with comments like ‘Stop being such a fanboy. ‘

Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Online [Credit: Toei Animation]
Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Online [Credit: Toei Animation]

However, from this we also know that the next enemy is going to have some white color feature. And that enemy shall be weaker than Whis and Beerus. Since Toriyama also mentioned that he has no plans of making Vegeta and Goku surpass them at the moment. So it’s a matter of curiosity as to how they will represent that Villain as a real threat to the entire universe or universes. Provided the fact there will be two Z fighter allies who are stronger than him.

[Credit: Toei Animation]
[Credit: Toei Animation]

Anyways some fans also think that the color clash Toriyama mentioned was about Frieza. That I find very invalid. Because, Goku didn’t even transform into his Super Saiyan Blue Form while Frieza was in his final form that had white color. Goku only turned into super saiyan blue once Frieza transformed to his Golden form. Besides it’s not necessary that the opponent must have white color body or something like that. It could be his aura or even certain ki attacks that won’t look good against a white haired saiyan. The fact is Toriyama in that interview was talking about the next enemy that we are going to see probably at the end or after the Champa arc.

I also saw a theory that states Vados might be that next enemy and since she has white colored hair it would cause color clash. However, I don’t think it might happen since Vados is Whis level in terms of power and Toriyama said he has no intentions of making them surpass Whis and Beerus anytime soon. Some fans are also saying it might be some character from the videogame Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Well it could be.

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Another thing about the White hair transformation could be that it’s a sign of an ultimate god form. As we already know Whis and Vados who are stronger than Beerus and Champa respectively has white hair. So it could be that White hair is a sign of mastering the god form or having full control over the God ki. Goku and Vegeta’s training with Whis isn’t complete yet. So by the time its over we should expect a new transformation naturally and they already achieved the god form and it’s obvious they are working to perfect it. And once they do it they might get an ultimate god transformation and the hair would be probably White. So maybe we can call it an Ultimate White Saiyan God or whatever.

[Credit: Toei Animation]
[Credit: Toei Animation]

However, I do hope that the next transformation will have more change than just hairstyles and color. I mean like this god form doesn’t change their appearance too much just their hair color changes and the physique changes slightly. So the next transformation they should work on seriously and put a lot of creativity. Super is a new series and if they want satisfied fans they should give us some fresh and badass looking new transformations.

Just a reminder that this entire article is made based on what Akira Toriyama said in the interview. A white haired saiyan transformation may or may not be shown based what they finally decide. Besides Akira Toriyama isn’t really the guy whose words we should take too seriously. This immensely creative guy is also very forgetful and he often forgets about the characters and storylines of Dragon Ball. So, it’s quite possible that he might forget or change his mind or whatever.

However, the bottom line is, though it is not 100% confirmed but based on what Akira Toriyama hinted it’s highly likely that we will get a new transformation soon. And that saiyan transformation will feature white hair.

What’s your take on this?

[Credit: Toei Animation]
[Credit: Toei Animation]

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