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WWE's "Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt suffered an unfortunate injury at a Live Event in Milan, Italy last night, the first stop on WWE's current tour of Europe.

The incident occurred during a match with current WWE heavyweight champion Roman Reigns, when Wyatt reportedly slipped on the mat and landed awkwardly, ultimately suffering an injury to the right calf.

The company confirmed the wrestler's injury on its website, but hasn't yet noted its severity, following reports on social media featuring video and pictures:

This follows a rash of injuries for high-profile WWE talent over the last year. Wyatt, as well as his minions in the Wyatt Family, are featured on the advertisements for WWE Payback, the next big event, scheduled for May 1. It remains to be seen if plans for the show will change following Wyatt's injury.

(Source: Twitter and WWE)


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