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After what happened this season on The Walking Dead, if you think back to the first two seasons, you have to admit one thing: As nuts as Shane was, he was most definitely right about one thing.

In Season 2, Episode 10 "18 Miles Out," Shane gives Rick some advice that, over the years, Rick probably wish he didn't have to heed.

Episode 12 might be when Shane goes off the deep end (and Rick makes sure there isn't any water in the pool), but in Episode 10, we get this scene:

Shane says these words, which foreshadowed much of what was to come:

And in this scene:

Shane gives his ol' pal some more sage advice:

But, Shane pushes a little too far when he says Rick can't protect his family.

So, did Rick end up taking his advice? Let's review:

Shit happens

Shitter strangling

Eat at Joe's

Perhaps Pete picked a poor person to pettifog with

Turning the tables on the terminus tribe

And keeps his promise to Gareth

But goes a little nuts in Alexandria

I'm thinking, yes, Rick may have taken Shane's advice, whether he meant to or not.

Who would have thought that Rick's crazy, wife-banging, son-claiming, possibly daughter-making, nutball of an ex-friend would actually know what he was talking about?

What do you think of Rick's actions?


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