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Justice has a number
Sam McGill

OMG who is not fan girling right now!

Theres only six more months till the actual movie comes out and a matter of who knows how long the trailer is going to come out. But when it does is going to blow up just like a little bit of what happened last April with Star Wars 7

But let's get to know the new 7

Sam Chisolm

Denzel Washington is cast as the new leader of the seven potraying a bounty hunter

Josh Farraday

Chris Pratt potrays a gambler with a love for explosives.

Goodnight Robicheaux

The sharpshooter, rumor has it over the Internet that the trailer begins with him at an angle about to shoot

Jack Horne

Vincent Donofrio stars as a trapper who could maybe have a rivalry with the Red Harvest

Billy Rocks

Lee B.H. stars as an assassin who could be influenced as Brit from the original

Red Harvest

Martin Senmeier is a Comanche warrior

Due to a Indian being starred this could cause tension between Horne a possible influence from Slater and Cassie in the third original installment


A Mexican outlaw joined in for Redemption and justice!

Are you ready for this September?


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