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A few weeks ago, we learned the true identity of Flash season 2's villain, Zoom. And it was none other than Barry's new mentor, Jay Garrick. His real name is Hunter Zolomon, and he was masquerading is Earth-2's hero speedster, the Crimson Comet. To some it was a surprise, and to others it was confirmed when we met his Earth-1 counterpart with the correct name.

So we've seen in the preview for next week's episode that fake-Garrick is really Zolomon, a convicted serial killer. We still have more to learn about his character's backstory, but there are a couple things that need to be cleared up. For example, how did he get his speed? And another big one... If Hunter was on Earth-2 with Barry in his cage, then...

Who did Zoom kill on Earth-1?

This moment nearly made all of us believe that Jay really was innocent and wasn't Zoom. But how could there have been one person in two places at once? We've seen a speed mirage done by Barry and his previous mentor/enemy Eobard Thawne, but two realities at once is too much.

So then who was the Jay we had on Earth-1? Could it have been a clone, a twin? Could there be another speedster on Earth-2 that helps Zoom? It's unlikely because he is so obsessed with being the only speedster. No matter what, this still needs to be explained.

And then comes another question.

Is there a real Jay Garrick?

We know Hunter Zolomon is a bad guy, but could he have been good before? The trailer pretty much negates that idea, so then was there another good speedster on Earth-2? Zolomon was parading around as Garrick and is so focused on gaining more speed that he had to have seen a speedster in action.

We know that he took Velocity 6 to make himself faster, so it's entirely possible that his speed is completely artificial as was the case with the female speedster we saw a couple weeks ago. Which means, was there a real Jay Garrick on Earth-2? And if so, who is he?

I believe we've met him before. He's none other than...

The Man in the Iron Mask

I'd thrown around earlier that he could be Jay Garrick, and I still stand by it. He tapped J-A-Y to Barry and Jesse, and he became upset when they were talking about how Jay was on Earth-1. Jay turned out to be Zoom, so could this man turn out to be Jay?

This coming week's episode will hopefully clear up most of the questions we're asking, including these two that have been bugging at least me for a long time now. If only the next few days would move by faster so we could find out...


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