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Women are here to stay. No monster, serial killer, or demon will keep them away from the screen because women have proven, once and again, that they can be as brave as the bravest of men.

Today, we're taking a look at six beautiful girls that have faced hell; six brave girls who have fought against the vilest and most wicked of villains; six brave girls who have defeated the odds. I hope that you enjoy it!

1- 'Final Girl'

Abigail Breslin - Veronica
Veronica has been training her entire life. What for? To defeat evil. She travels from town to town in order to kill sick and wicked murderers. You need a lot of courage to fight against the worst kind of serial killers by your own will.

2 - 'Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood'

Lar Park-Lincoln - Tina Shepard
It is really hard to face someone like Jason Vorhees, especially if you are unarmed. No human being could fight against him in hand-to-hand combat. Well, nobody but Tina Shepard. She was born with a gift: She has powerful telekinetic abilities. Just like Jean Grey, she can manipulate everything around her. After a grueling battle she used her great powers to defeat Jason. An incredible achievement, right?

3 - 'Bound To Vengeance'

Tina Ivlev - Eve
Eve has spent the last few months of her life chained inside the basement of a demented killer — but she hasn't given up. She manages to escape after hitting her captor with a brick. She could run away from that hellish place but she chooses to rescue all the other victims that this pervert has kidnapped. She will travel through Hell but she is strong and brave enough to survive it.

4 - 'Kristy'

Haley Bennett - Justine
Kristy (Justine) is just another girl in college. She is not particularly different from you or me: She doesn't have powers or special abilities; she is not trained to kill. But she is as brave as someone could be. After a group of maniacs invades her school she has no option but to fight back. And trust me, nothing will stop her.

5 - 'Last Shift'

Juliana Harkavy - Jessica Loren
Let's face it: Our first impulse after realizing that our workplace is haunted would be to run from it as fast as possible — especially if we are alone in the middle of the night. But Jessica Loren is not like you or me. On the first day of her new job as a cop, she is left in charge of the old and abandoned police station. That doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, this place is being attacked by the ghosts of an old cult. Now, alone and afraid, she will have to find a way to fight against them without losing her mind.

6 - 'Deathgasm'

Kimberley Crossman - Medina
Medina's town has been invaded by possessed people. They are on a rampage, killing everybody in front of them. The cult that caused this madness is trying to bring back their old deity: An evil demon with the power to conquer Earth. Of course, anybody would call the army, the police, or The Rock. But not Medina and her friends. Only they can fight against the demon that means to destroy the planet.

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