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(warning, there could be spoilers in this article to the dc cinematic universe and its movies)

with the recent BATMAN V SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE film, questions have been raised, but the question i am going to look at is, when the batman solo film comes along, what is it going to be about?


Ok take out the fact of superman being in the storyline and they could totally do it. I mean they could do it with superman but we have already seen them face off so why do it again?. We could see him take out the joker ( highly unlikely ) or even take on the mutant leader. either way it would be a good story for the aged Batman.


In batman v superman, we saw a robin suit ( most likely Jason Todd ) and wondered wtf how did this happen. Well we know one thing : joker was responsible. If they are basing this after the events of the other movies in the D.C.U then why not do this story line.

1. A prequel

why not do a story line thats before batman v superman, to learn how the mansion was burnt down ( wayne manor ) and also see how robin died by the hands of the joker Maybe even see a bit of night wing.


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