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Everyone wait main comic movie premiere of the year Captain America civil war.Of course Marvel show us epic battle scenes psychical moments and of course we want see love lines in this greatest thriller. Every hero of this movie is cool and strong.But important place for Steve Rogers aka Captain America. In First avenger Rogers girlfriend was Peggy Carter.But small time and short scenes dont show us deep emotianal conditions of Steve Rogers when he want be with Peggy.Of course Peggy and Steve is main pairing in Captain America world. But Steve live in modern time and he need new love interest. In Winter soldier we saw Steve and Natasha Romanoff cooperation agaist Hydra. In some moments Natasha flirted with Steve. Steve and Natahsha parthers and friend and may be more.

If you remember in Age of Ultron Natasha took interest to Bruce Banner aka Hulk.Thats why Steve Rogers was alone and stay without girlfrien since First avenger time.In this Marvel movie we saw Steve and Wanda meaning in fighting against robots and Ultron.Steve was first her friend and mentor. Steve understood Wandas loosing and he was first who accept Wanda in anevgers team. Thats why Wanda thank to Steve and she respect him as teacher mentor leader and friend.Comic readers know that Steve and Wanda more than friends.Steve loves Wanda. We saw first proof that in Age of Ultron. And I hope that Wanda can take interest more Steve. I think vision very interest person in avengers but Steve is noble and real gentleman. In Civil war TV spot we see Wanda vs Vision and Steve with Wanda rreal cool parthens and friends. I have 5 reason why Steve and Wanda aka Scarlet America is perfect couple:

1. Steve and Wanda is results of lab experiences. They was lab exaples for future creating army of meta humans. But every of them have personal interest feelings and dreams. Steve and Wanda exellent understand yourself.

2. Steve and Wanda have tragic past and thats why they have ghost and soul monsters but they fight against them.

3. Wanda always will be support Steve Rogers as leader and friend.

4. Steve like Wanda because she can win her demons.

5. Steve love Wanda because she and he one team and one family.Steve like beaauty and bravery. Wanda like understanding and love.

Thats why I think Steve and Wanda is new coulple called Scarlet America in Marvel cinema universe!


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