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Sam Plank

After watching the latest clip from Captain America: Civil War-

I have to say, I'm a little shocked at the biggest thing I took away from it. The fighting is great, the almost-shooting-RDJ-in-the-head was freaky, and ScarJo was AWEsome as usual.

But out of all that, the biggest thing that hit me was Tony Stark's vulnerability.

After seeing him take down a crapload of terrorists:

WIn a dogfight with two Raptors:

Beat Whiplash with just a suitcase and some dumb luck:

Kick some drone ass with War Machine:

And dominate in so many other great fight scenes, you really get the feeling that he's invincible. But only when he has his suit. Fighting Bucky, he'd have another hole in his head if it wasn't for his glove. And Bucky punched him across the room like it was nothing! It might have taken a little more if Tony had been wearing his suit.

May 6th can't get here soon enough!


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