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As we gear up for Season 6 of FX's hit anthology horror series American Horror Story, the funnest part for the fans is guessing what the next season will be. Typically, there are special Easter eggs or clues that are dropped in each season that hint to what the theme will be for the upcoming installment. To prepare fans and to get them in their detective moods, I have compiled the biggest clues that were previously dropped.

Murder House (Season 1) to Asylum (Season 2)

FX, Connie Britton in Episode 9, 'Spooky Little Girl'
FX, Connie Britton in Episode 9, 'Spooky Little Girl'

The biggest clue from Season 1 of course, would be the countless talk of Connie Britton's, Vivien Harmon being "insane." She is even institutionalized after accidentally shooting Ben in Episode 8. Another major hint that many fans picked up on came from Sarah Paulson's character Billie Dean Howard the medium. In Episode 11 “Birth,” Billie gives a speech and talks about the negative energy and trauma that is contained in the murder house, saying: "You will see it all the time in places like prisons or asylums."

Asylum (Season 2) to Coven (Season 3)

FX, Minotaur shadow, Lana's ruby slippers
FX, Minotaur shadow, Lana's ruby slippers

The biggest clues came from the jukebox in the rec room of Briarcliff. Major hints for Season 3's Coven, came from the songs 'I Put a Spell on You' and 'Love Potion No. 9.' Another hint appeared in Episode 12 'Continuum,' where Sister Jude says that she "doesn't need a hat" too “fly her ass right out of here.” This hints to Jessica Lange playing supreme witch Fiona Goode. Subtle visual clues included a shot of Lana leaving Briarcliff, with the building's shadow creating the image of a Minotaur (which appeared in Coven). A clue was even slipped into the iconic Name Game sequence — Lana's shoes changed to ruby slippers, similar to the ones Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz, which in case you forgot, came from a witch. Many agree that Lana's and Jude's changes in costume alluded to the relationship between Cordelia Foxx and her mother Fiona Goode.

Cordelia over took Fiona's reign, as the Supreme witch of the coven.

Coven (Season 3) to Freak Show (Season 4)

FX, Visual clues found in Coven
FX, Visual clues found in Coven

Many clues from Season 3 were debated by fans. Many of which came from quotes. Here is a short list of the major hints:

  • "...she won't be turned into a viral freak show", Fiona to Cordelia in the first episode.
  • Madison calls Nan “Mumbles the Clown“ in "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks.”
  • "Life is a carnival” Fiona to Myrtle in “The Sacred Taking.”
  • Before she is burned at the stake the first time, Myrtle says "I'm use to being an outcast. A freak."
  • Before storming out after failing divination in "The Seven Wonders," Madison says: "I'm going back to Hollywood where people are normal."

Major visual clues included Queenie wearing a shirt in the first episode with "freak" on it, a portrait in Cordelia's office of twins — which turned out to be Sarah Paulson's characters in Freak Show, and perhaps the most creative — an aerial view of Myrtle burning at the stake in the finale. Many agree that the shot resembles a clown — which we found out would be Twisty the Clown in Season 4.

Freak Show (Season 4) to Hotel (Season 5)

FX, the mysterious top hat in Episodes 4 and 5
FX, the mysterious top hat in Episodes 4 and 5

The biggest clue for Hotel was one that stumped many people — the mysterious top hat that kept reappearing. Many speculation surrounded the top hat, but most theories were incorrect. Murphy even said: "It’s an arcane clue." This "arcane clue" was finally revealed on how the top hat, the subtitle Hotel, and Lady Gaga were all connected. The top hat was a reference to Mark Sandrich's 1935 film Top Hat. The film was set in a hotel and even included a song "Cheek to Cheek". Still wondering how this connects to Lady Gaga appearing in Hotel? "Cheek to Cheek" is an album Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released in 2014. So hats off to Murphy for slipping that by us.

As for Season 6, the theme still remains unknown. However, at the PaleyFest panel held in March earlier this year, creator Ryan Murphy said that they are working on "two ideas which completely differ from what they have done in the past." As for who will be involved, Murphy said everyone present at the panel that night are welcomed back, saying: "Every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back." Murphy also added that hints relating to Season 6 have been seen throughout all the seasons already.

American Horror Story will return later this year..

Have you caught any clues for Season 6 of 'AHS'?


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