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Fear the Walking dead, Underground, Scandal

As the horrifying yet disappointing end of the season with The Walking dead the week started off with what I had hoped to be a good start; Fear the Walking Dead was about to start and as we begin I was utterly confused with the state of their departure, when did this incredibly dangerous place become this… well… dangerous… Last we know, well let’s be honest last I remember, it’s been a while since the show was on, the group was in a relatively safe place. They even had the time to gracefully kill our beloved Orange is the new Black mum, but as we start off explosion galore and Walkers everywhere. Okay. Let’s assume I just missed something, no biggy, come on Rabbit punch ‘em in the head. So they wait for the boat to return and as it comes in I see Rabbit lug the corpse to the boat and all I was thinking was, there are more important things to take than a corpse you are going to toss in the sea anyways, but okay, as soon as the thought came into my brain I accepted the fact that they wanted to grief for her. I need to remember they haven’t had the period of normalization yet, this is a normal human response, take your loved ones even if they are just “dead” weight. So off we go, to this amazing boat, it’s incredible name as a corporate logo on its backside. Water desalination systems at the ready, all that’s left is wonder how much food and fuel is on board, did he take into consideration that they would have this amount of people. Will addict boy really be free of his addiction.

Now as the episode progressed I was wondering, so Rabbit has 3 kids with 2 women. His oldest is his Orange is the new Black son, than the other 2 or am I missing something here? Now how come his oldest acts like a little rotten spoiled kid. He acts like he’s the youngest. But I should not complain about this, the real problem was not related to him at all.

Get back on track chiller. The problem was as follows; so here they are having some swimming fun, which to be honest I wouldn’t have done, but I can’t fault the writers here. But then. Out of the mist this boat shows up (I hope they explain the mist next episode) overturned and surrounded by walkers, or better yet drifters. Now here is the problem…. Would you… any of you… in your right mind… dive down and swim toward it? The problem with this, and the writers of both the walking dead and fear have both committed this sin before, is that a person in their right state of mind would never go there and no it isn’t a brave thing to do, its idiotic.

On average a normal person would not run into a burning building to save someone, no matter how brave we are, the average person just wouldn’t. Its not in human nature, human nature dictates that we try and minimize risks for oneself at all cost. Now if our survivors were a bunch of firemen I would immediately shut up, but we are talking about our designated junky of the storyline, the one person who consequently has shown us that he is not the most helpful person, he was actually the first person in the show to run. He has consequently been saving his own hiney and now this time he decides to be a hero. It might be me, but that wasn’t to trustworthy.

Look this week I am not going too fault the show for too much, be honest the girl giving info on the radio is not that weird, nothing has really given much indication of humans being evil pirates at sea (though the looting and crap on land should make her more cautious) I can even say she is young and fell for a pretty voiced boy at sea, this could have happened to all of us in some way, we all have our inner innocent white girl inside ourselves. But…. Putting yourself in harm’s way when there is an easy escape a short swim away is our inner coward who will draw he short straw and win most of the time.

We’ll see… The episode didn’t really wow me. I personally found it slightly slow going and was hoping for me to be swept away by the show, but I’ll not give up on the show till the fat walker sings.

Now for tv show number 2 this week was Underground episode 5. It has baffled me somewhat that I have yet to read anything on moviepilot about this show, but to be honest it has somewhat taken me by force and by surprise. Its roots deeply set in slavery this show goes where not many have dared go into the darker less openly talked about issues of the time. I am guessing there are quite some “white folks” out there being offended by it for reasons they deem worth saying and to be honest that’s a different discussion which is easily resolved with a “that’s not the point, but if you keep on thinking that you’ll never understand” buuuuut once again, different talk different discussion (feel free to talk to me about it).

Underground, produced by John Legend and others, is a fairly fast paced show about slaves trying to escaped the plantation with a side story of the brother of the plantation owner getting involved in the underground railroad. Accompanied by a modern Hip Hop based soundtrack there are times this show just plainly blows me away. The casting in the show is mostly brilliant, dialogue is decent enough, story line believable enough to enjoy the show. Characters are written well and with enough depth to want to know more or to wish a few individuals a slow and painful death.

As the action packed episode continues there are a few minor choices one of the main character makes that feel more story driven than logical from my point of view, but this is so far from my own personal experiences that I can’t fully commit to my opinions. I am not sure if I was raised on a plantation what my reactions and actions would be considering certain people and actions, but what I do have to mention is my worry for Jurnee Smollet-Bell’s part in the show. Her role might be there to just have her make dumb decisions and if the writers would choose this road I am not sure how believable and in what way this show might become a sexism problematic issued show.

Simply put the show is walking on the fine line between using stereotypes as a way to make the story move on, but if they use the stereotypes wrong it might end up with too many negative stereotypes.

I don’t want to go to deeply into this yet, it is not the time yet to decide on it yet, they haven’t overstepped, but the problem of stereotypes has started with the stereotypical love story of the dark skinned man falling for the lighter skinned woman, which in itself isn’t a problem, but it is the “usual” story and in times of diversification and breaking the boundaries of negative stereotypes it is completely dependent on what direction they choose.

I would suggest this show to most people, though I think if you are a white person who goes on the “why do they always have to bring up slavery” route, this might not be your show. Everyone open minded and warmhearted should at least give it a chance ;D

And then we get to the 3rd show on tv. Friday night is our Shonda Land, the wife and I on the couch in our own time watching 2 or 3 shows, depending on if the little man went to bed on time or not. We always, without fail, choose to watch Grey’s first, Scandal second, How to get away last, but since How to is on a break (the catch is now there to take its place, but after 1 episode, which took us slightly by surprise, it’s not a must see yet. Could be in the near future)it makes the choice easier.

I could choose to now discus grey’s, but that show is on its own plain. I am definitely not saying it’s the best show out there, but it has had a fair run of keeping the show at an even level writing wise and story wise. It doesn’t have to realistic choices for a non professional medical person to disagree with, I wouldn’t know if it is unrealistic, but at least they don’t swim towards walkers.

So with Grey’s off the table for discussion, though in the future I might, we are off to a good start with Scandal.

Scandal has been very inconsistent for me when talking about Olivia her demeanor. I never know for sure if she is a strong woman or a weak woman who just knows how the political game works. On one hand she rules everyone, on the other all men in her life seem to have her in the palm of their hands and the all love to squeeze the life out of her. Now this last episode has left me….. well… My jaw dropped onto the floor. Once again she is in the palm of her father’s hand, but. What she did just blew my brain s all over the wall and floor. If you haven’t seen the last episode. Well…. OMG… why are you reading this. Go watch it. Now.

Here I will leave it for today. I’ll be honest, this is not my best writing, not by far. I plan on regularly doing this, but I need to find my format and writing style. I just need to vent my annoyances about shows with someone, but trust me, I fully understand if you do not agree with me. These are my personal opinions.

Till next time hopefully a slightly more eventful week in tv land, but the little man has been keeping us busy so we are slowly running behind in our shows.

Rashleigh, the serial chiller.

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