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I remember collecting Pokémon cards based solely on how pretty I found them, making everyone else's day because that would result in me giving a lot of valuable cards away. But the time has come for me to make my primary school self feel better about valuing Pokémon aesthetics, because an actual research company in Japan asked people to rank Pokémon based on how handsome they found them. The results:

Mewtwo Is Crowned Most Handsome Pokémon

So hawt.
So hawt.

Behold, the winner of the survey of pocket monsters handsomeness: Mewtwo. Mewtwo, who first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, was genetically derived from Mew and intended to be the strongest Pokémon ever, which is a title that fits nicely with the one of "most handsome."

500 People Were Surveyed

Research Plus surveyed 500 Japanese men and women in their twenties to find which one they would deem the most attractive. With its majestic stance and impressive size, it's no surprise that Mewtwo nabbed the top spot, but its psychic and telepathic powers probably also contributed to making him the winner of the survey.

20 Winners Were Selected

Other winners include: Lugia from Pokémon Silver in second place and the iconic Charizard in third.

Lucario, from the Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew film, and the Water-type Legendary Pokémon Suicune complete the top 5.

You'll find the full list here.

Do you agree with the ranking? What's your favorite Pokémon?

Source: Anime News Network


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