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(Warning - the following contains entirely speculative, but theoretically possible, SPOILERS for future Marvel movies, including this coming November's 'Doctor Strange'. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, with Marvel Studios' latest introductory superheroic solo movie, Doctor Strange, set to hit theaters in November, it's perhaps not all that surprising that speculation is rife as to just what we're going to see happen in the film - and, indeed, who we're going to see appear in it. After all, Marvel has long had a penchant for throwing unexpected (and endlessly fan-pleasing) cameos into its movies, and there's no reason to believe that trend is going to fade by the end of 2016.

From the sounds of one Marvel star's latest interview though, it might be worth anticipating a cameo from a certain God of Mischief. Y'see:

Tom 'Loki' Hiddleston Seems To Really Want To Share The Screen With Doctor Strange

Indeed, as Hiddleston himself put it in a recent interview with The New York Daily News:

"In some hypothetical world, I don’t quite know when, for Loki and Dr. Strange to share the same frame would be very exciting indeed...Because Benedict Cumberbatch is an old friend. So I would think it would be interesting to see who would get the upper hand."

Now, whether or not that's something we could see in Doctor Strange remains to be seen (though there's always the chance that filming on Thor: Ragnarok could overlap with a Doctor Strange reshoot or two), but anyone rooting for Hiddleston's dream can likely take solace in his additional comments regarding the number of MCU appearances Loki has in his future:

"Truthfully, I do actually know at the moment how many more times I’m going to play Loki, but I’m not going to tell you...It’s not personal, it’s just keeping it fresh for all paying customers to enjoy their films...And also I’m the God of mischief ,so it’s my predisposition to play games..."

After all, that same predisposition towards game-playing could just as easily apply to a secretive cameo post-credits cameo...

While we wait to find out, though, let's all enjoy another dose of Cumberbatch-y goodness, in the form of the recently released first trailer for Doctor Strange:

Ah...that's better.

What do you reckon, though?


Where would you like to see Loki and Doctor Strange run into one another?



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